15 Best Tattoo Ideas for Siblings

15 Best Tattoo Ideas for Siblings

Tattoos have long been a great way to bond with a sibling and let them know that you will never forget them. It is very common when one sibling goes away for a job or school and the other starts to feel left out or abandoned. Sometimes the older sibling needs to show the younger that they are part of their life and start searching for the best tattoo ideas for siblings.

In a traditional family, brothers and sisters do everything with each other from the day they are born until the day they move out. For 18 long years, your siblings are right their next to your through the good and the bad.   Whether you are playing on a trampoline or crying about your old dog, your brothers and/or sisters are going to be their next to you.

When it’s time to move on and start your own lives together, this can be a bit of a shock to some. It can be a bit scary to go off on your own for the first time, we all know that. This is where the idea of sibling tattoos come in to play.

If you and your siblings all have a tattoo that go together, then you still feel like you hold that same bond. Many people fell that it is something like branding so that everyone knows you are a team no matter what happens. As long as you spend your time reviewing the best tattoo ideas for siblings and find a good design, it can look great and let the world know that you are joined at the hip.

There are a few different basic concepts to look at when trying to come up with the best tattoo idea. The first concept to both get the same work done so that you have matching tattoos. This Is very common in twins who want to show that they are one in the same. It is also common in sisters that want to show that they do everything together.

The other idea is to each have a tattoo that makes sense alone but is even better what you put them together. An example of this would be a tattoo of an open bird cage one a siblings arm but tattoo of birds flying out of the other. This concept is meant to symbolically show that the two complete each other.

Another great thing about getting a tattoo with a sibling is that you are the only ones that have to like it. It doesn’t matter if no one else understands or likes it, because it wasn’t meant for them. If you really want to try something unique, you can even create something that no one understands except you and refuse to explain it to anyone. As long as you and your sibling(s) like the design, then it is going to be perfect.

The list below is constructed of the best tattoo ideas for siblings that we could think of. You should look at these as a great way to gather ideas about what you would like. It is important that you find something unique so that you do not regret it later in life. We hope that you enjoy our list and don’t be afraid to share this with you siblings or friends so that they can come up with some great ideas themselves!

Birth Order

15 Best Tattoo Ideas for SiblingsOne of our favorite sibling tattoo ideas is to display your birth order in a unique way. It is a great sign of unity and small enough that you can get it done in a discrete location if you so choose. We have seen this done with numbers or with creative symbols. Either way, it is a great way to show unity with your siblings.

The most difficult part of this idea is getting all of your siblings to agree on it. It will look crazy if everyone else gets one but you skip a number in the middle.


Cute grid tattoo

Do you have a special location that means a lot to both you and your brothers and sisters? A great example would be a pond that you grew up playing in and want to remember forever. You can all get the grid coordinates of that location inked onto your body permanently. This is something that you won’t see everyone else have, and it will mean a lot to you.

Completing a Word

A great love tattoo for two people to shareIf you are looking for something that makes no sense unless your sibling is there, then splitting a word amongst siblings is a great idea. Each one of you has a few letters somewhere that make no sense at all until you put them next to each other to complete the word.

In our opinion, this works best if you only have 2 or 3 siblings to spread the letters across. It looks great if you each have 2 or 3 letters. The only exception is if you have 11 siblings and your last name has 11 letters because that would be amazing!

A Full Deck

A Fulle Deck Of CardsOne of the most unique ideas we have seen is based on a full deck of cards. Four siblings all got inked with the symbol of each suit in a deck of cards. This shows that each sibling is unique on their own, but together they do something great. This only works If you have four siblings but again, this is just to give you some ideas to get the juices flowing.

Puzzle Pieces

 Top Puzzle Piece Tattoo IdeasThis is one of the most cliché of our sibling tattoo ideas, but it’s a great idea none the less. The sole purpose of a puzzle piece is to fit together with the other pieces of the puzzle. Sharing this with your siblings is a great way to show unity if you are very close.

Design a Unique Sibling Tattoo

Great Unique Siblings TattooIf you don’t like any of the tradition design ideas, go ahead and make your own. This can be something completely unique that makes sense on its own as long as you all like it. The fact that you all have it will show unity and most people will have no idea.

This is perfect for a group of siblings that has someone who wants the tattoo in an obvious location while others do not. You can all get the same design but in a different spot on your body.

Completing a Phrase

To Infinity And BeyondA short phrase that is meaningful to you and your siblings can be a great idea for a joint tattoo. We mostly see this with a pair or siblings, but would also work if you have more. Simply put part of the phrase on each sibling so that it is complete when they come together.


Barcide TattoosThese days, barcode tattoos get a bad rapport. In reality, they are pretty cool when you think about it. It is something that you can have in common with your sibling but also looks great separate. This is another example of something you can keep in a discrete please as well.

Barcodes are just graphical representations of a number that can be read with a scanner. That means that you can make your barcode represent any number that is important to you, giving it even more meaning!

Doves Let Free

Doves Set Free Tat

One of our favorite overall sibling tattoo ideas is the concept of a dove, or birds, being let out of their cage. This is a great concept for brothers or sisters that are moving out of the house and are excited to start a life of their own but do not want to leave their sibling behind.

With this design, you put a bird cage with the door open on one of you. On the other member, you have some doves or birds look like they are flying out of the cage. Both of these tattoos make perfect sense when they stand alone, yet they are even better if you put them together.


12 craziest matching tattoosIt is important to remember your heritage and where you came from in life. That is why showing off your heritage is one of the best tattoo ideas for siblings. Find a symbol that helps express where you or your family came from and have all of your siblings get it as well.

This is another great idea if want something small and discreet. Each sibling can even get this one done in a different location without it looking ridiculous.

Cups on a String

A cup on a string is a great tattoo idea for siblings

If you are looking for something creative and unique, you should check this one out. Each sibling has a boy or girl figure holding a cup to their ear with a string that runs off of in a certain direction. When you put the two together, it will look like they are meant to be together because the strings will join.

This is another one of those tattoos that still look great alone, so you won’t have to explain it to everyone you pass. No one will have any idea that it is half of a pair until they see you with your brother or sister and connect the dots.


1988 was a great year for these twins

If you are a twin, then finding a great idea that you both like should be easy because you are the same person! Unfortunately, that is not true and we all know it. The do have an advantage over the right of us though.

Because twins share the same birthdate, they can create a tattoo with both of their names and a single birthdate and have it make sense. Having a tattoo with three or 4 different birthdates would be a little odd, so this might only work for twins.

Matching Stars Behind the Ears

This is a good example of matching sibling ear tattoosThis idea has quickly become an extremely common design to see. You will want to make your design unique and remember that you are the only one who needs to like it. These are very quick and easy to get if you want to get it done now.

Initials or Birthdate

One of the Best Tattoo Ideas for Siblings or twins

While you all have your own birthday and initials, unless your parents where cruel enough to give you the same initials, tattooing them in the same place in the same design is a great idea. The tattoo will look great and make sense on its own, but will really come together when people realize that your brother or sister has the same design.

There are several different ways to change this up so that you are unique. You can use your birthday, Birth time, or initials and display them using something different. A good example would be using roman numerals instead of regular numbers to express your birthday.