20 Most Attractive Places For A Girl To Get A Tattoo

Bird tattoo on the back shoulder of a woman

Most of us can agree on the most attractive places for a girl to get a tattoo. Most of these places are attractive without a tattoo, so a little art can only make it more attractive.

The problem is always figuring out which location is BEST, without looking to sleazy. It is important to make sure that you match your design with what you are trying to accentuate. If you are looking to get a perfectly square tattoo, then you should probably look somewhere other than across your chest.

Our suggestion is that you chose your location first, and then chose what design to go with. This will make it much easier for you to choose the right design for what you are trying to cover. You will be much happier with the result if you don’t use the “pin the tail in the donkey” methodology.

We have created this list of the 20 most attractive places for a girl to get a tattoo so that you have somewhere to start. Look over this list and pick a location, then check out some of the designs on our site!


20-Most-Attractive-Places-For-A-Girl-To-Get-A-TattooA woman’s cleavage is the sexiest place in the world for a tattoo. The perfect tattoo can accentuated a woman’s curves without being so much of a distraction that it would be considered trashy. You want something that is soft and beautiful without going too crazy.

When choosing attractive places for a girl to get a tattoo, it is also important to consider your pain tolerance and how much risk you are willing to take. Because the cleavage area contains mostly soft tissue, it is going to hurt a lot more than some other options. That also means that it is much easier to damage your skin here.

Back Shoulder

Bird tattoo on the back shoulder of a womanThe back shoulder is another sexy place for a ladies’ tattoo. It works perfectly because it can be shown off tactfully without exposing much. If you are worried about people thinking that you are trashy instead of attractive, then this is the location to go with.

Another reason that people chose the back of your shoulder is because it is not going to hurt as much as some of the other options. The skin on the back of your shoulder is much larger than the skin on your breasts, for example.

Collar Bone

Great idea for a collar bone tatooI would consider the collarbone of the sexiest options on this list. This is the perfect spot for something small and long, such as lyrics or mottos. They are also very easy to hide of you are not in the mood to show it off.

This location has very soft skin that is close to a bone, making it extremely painful to get tattooed. If you are willing to go through the pain, then you are certain to have on the most attractive tattoos around.

Under The Breasts

One of the more attractive under breat tattoos I have ever seenIf you really want to ink your cleavage but are afraid that you will need to where turtle necks for the rest of your life, you might want to consider placing your tattoo under your breasts. This is a much safer option because it is easy to hide if you are simply wearing a shirt. On that same not, a halter top or bikini can easily show that world who you really are.

Be prepared for pain if you chose this location. You may want to start out with something small if its your first time.

Lower Back

Lower Back Butterfly Tatoo ideas for a girgThe lower back tattoo was once the most attractive tattoo for a girl of any age. Lately, a tattoo in this location has been labeled a “tramp stamp” and is typically frowned upon. This has cause a significant decrease in the amount of woman getting something done on their lower back.

A tattoo in the small of your back can look exotic and attractive if done right. Make sure that you pick a design that is not going to look trashy when you are looking at your options. A simple design that will not attract negative attention is often the best choice for your lower back.


This star tatto on a womans rubcage looks greatThe ribcage is one of the most popular choices for a tattoo on a girl. This location is naturally appealing and many believe that a good design can only make it better. This is a great place for a larger piece that can wrap all the way around your side.

If this will be your first time getting a tattoo, you might want to start with something small. The fact that you are working with such thin skin and close to your ribs, is spot will hurt more than some of the others.

Behind The Ear

Puting a tatto behind your ear is perfect if you want to hide it easilyIf you just want a small tattoo that can be hidden with the flip of your hair, then you should consider putting it behind your ear. Generally speaking, these are placed in the gap between your ear and the beginning of your hairline, but above your ear lobe.

This is the perfect spot if you do not want your tattoo to be the first thing someone sees when they walk up to you. It will be hidden by your ear and simply letting your hair down can hide it for good.

Inner Ear

Seahorse eart tattoos are great for a girlIn you are looking for a small statement tattoo, the inner ear is a perfect location. It is the perfect locations for something that everyone is going to see as soon as they see you. It almost acts like an accessory.

Most people say that getting their inner ear done feel like someone is tickling them instead of hurting them. A location that looks great and doesn’t hurt like hell… That is a win in every column for me.

Inner Arm

Your Inner Arm Is One Of The Most Attractive Places For A Girl To Get A TattooIf you are looking for a spot to write an inscription or quote, your inner arm can be one of the most attractive spots possible. Whether you are young or old, you can’t go wrong by choosing this location. It can be easily shown off by wearing something sleeveless, or covered up by throwing something with sleeves on.

If you want to look good, you will need to pay the price for this one. Your inner arm is all soft tissue and will be very painful to get tattooed. Make sure that you choose something small and quick to get done. If not, you may need to split it up into multiple sessions so that you the pain is bearable.

Inner Wrist

This is a very meaningful wrist tattooThe inner wrist is one of the most attractive places for a girl to get a tattoo if they want to show it off easily. A tattoo on the inner wrist is always showing, but subtle enough that its typically not going to be the first thing someone notices. This is one of the most attractive places for a girl to get a tattoo because it is the perfect spot for something small that is not overpowering.

Back Of The Neck

Small butterfly tattoo on the back of the neckThe back of the neck is one of the most attractive places for a tattoo because you can show some individuality without have to show your whole body in the process. Most people consider this the most tactful place to put a tattoo that you want to show off without looking sleazy.

This can be the perfect spot for a small symbol or the beginning of a large back piece. This location is also great because the skin is thicker than something like the inner arm. You will be much more comfortable getting a tattoo on the back of your neck that you will be with a lot of the other options on this list.

Whole Back

Full back angel ideas for a girlA whole back tattoo can be very attractive on a girl if they chose the right design. You don’t want to chose something too crazy if it is meant to look attractive. Your best bet is something soft with a good mix of bright colors.

Front of Shoulder

This is a nice front shoulder rose tattooThe front of a girls shoulder is very popular because you have a large area with a natural curve to work with. It is a great place to put something like a flower that is very colorful. It can be easily shown off by wearing a tank top or sleeveless shirt, or covered up by throwing a sweatshirt on.

Under Butt

One of the sexiest under butt tattoos in the worldLet be honest, some of the most attractive places for a girl to get a tattoo are some of the most attractive places on her body. The under but tattoo is the perfect example of this! As long as you don’t design something crazy that will take away from the beauty of the body part, then you can’t go wrong with placing it under your butt.

People have expressed mixed reactions about getting work done in this location. You but is a bunch of extra skin, but if the design gets to far into your inner thigh, it is going to hurt.


Check out this hot hip tattoo on a womanA woman’s hips are very attractive to begin with, so adding a tattoo has the potential to take it over the top. A hip tattoo can be small or medium sized and is typically in a location that is concealed when she is wearing pants. This is the perfect spot for a tattoo that is more personal or one that might not be appropriate to show in public.

Keep in mind that this is a delicate location with very soft skin. That means that getting a tattoo here is going to be one of the most painful options.


Check out this crazy stomach tatoo ideaIf you are looking for something sexy, the stomach is one of the most attractive places for a girl to get a tattoo.  This is a very intimate area for a tattoo and is going to hurt a lot more than most of the other options on this list.  If you are willing to absorb the pain, one of these designs really could make your body look that much better.


Lillies are one of the most attractive tattoos for a girl to getAn ankle tattoo has the benefit of allowing you to conceal it with a sock and pull the sock down when you want to show it off. Unlike a tattoo that is under your boobs, you don’t have to show your entire body to show someone what you have. This is one the most attractive places for a girl to get a tattoo without the risk of looking slutty.

Another benefit of an ankle tattoo is that you can go big or small. With so much real estate, you can have the design come up the leg or go down the foot. Your ankle is also a great place to start if that is what you are looking for!


Check out this flower spine tattooMost people consider a tattoo on a woman’s spine as sexy. This is mainly because the spine is already such a sexy part of the body that it does not take much to look great. A piece of art that flaunts the curves and natural shape of your back can really make a lasting impression here.

We must warn you though; the spine is the most painful location on this list. The skin is very soft and thin, which makes it much more susceptible to pain. On top of the thin skin, the artist will need to move with all of the natural curves. You should probably start with something small or in a different location if you are looking for your first tattoo!


Check out this butterfly leg designA woman’s thigh is something that is often very personal because it is not displayed regularly. This alone, makes it an attractive location for anything. Choosing the right tattoo for this location can really look good. It is the perfect spot of a wrap around design or something that will look good in a fully circle.

When it comes to pain, the thigh is about average compared to the rest of this list. It is not going to hurt as much as some of the other options, but will not feel good either.

Top Of Foot

The top of your foot is an attractive spot to get a tatoo as a girlEven if you find feet to be gross, you should be able find a foot tattoo attractive. Most designs can take something that is typically considered ugly and turn them into a piece of art. You can start out with something small and expand later if you want.

This is the perfect place for a beginner that is looking for something they can easily show off. Simply wearing sandals in the summer, something most of us do already, can show off your foot art to the world.