3D Tattoo Designs; Why All the Fuss?

3D Tattoo Designs; Why All the Fuss?

If you’re a tattoo lover, then you will have been really thrilled by the news about 3D tattoos. That you can now buy your own printing machine and print your tattoos yourself on just about any part of your body without the help of a tattoo specialist is excellent news.

Still unconvinced? Let’s find out exactly why 3D Tattoo Designs are the next big thing and give you an extra reason to put a smile on your face.3d black widow tattoo

What is a 3D tattoo or 3D Tattoo Designs?

Up until very recently, it was only possible to have drawings of 2 dimensional (2D) tattoos. A 2D tattoo is basically a flat too. If you can pick up a pen and paper and draw some figures, these figures would be called 2-dimensional. In mathematics and physical sciences, an object is said to exist in 2-dimension if it exists only on the X and Y axis where X is the width and Y is the height.

3 dimensional (3D) drawings bring in the third perspective – the height. In mathematics, the height is usually represented by a “Z” axis. So, whereas a 2D drawing are represented by “X” and “Y” axes, 3D drawings are represented by “X”, “Y”, and “Z” axes.

In short, 3D Tattoo Designs stand out from the plane; they aren’t flat like 2D tattoos. A 3D tattoo will appear like its coming out of you. Just like in 3D movies where you get the feeling of the people in the movie coming towards you, when you see a 3D tattoo, you will get the same feeling that it’s coming out of the skin.Creepy guy on the inside tattoo

3D Tattoo Designs are becoming increasingly popular across the world. The main problem is that the artists who possess the knowledge and skills to draw thee tattoos are not very many. As you would guess, creating a 3D tattoo isn’t simple at all. The artists have to use light and shadowing tricks to create images on your skin that appear to be “popping” out of the skin. This is no mean feat at all. This is why people travel far and wide to find 3D tattoo artists.flag on the inside

How are 3D tattoos created?

Creating a 3D Tattoo Designs requires special skills. The artist must find ways to make the tattoo appear not just like a drawing but to have the effects of a real image. The tattoo must appear to be coming out of the skin; in fact, the image should appear to be sitting atop the skin. It must appear to have a backside, a front side, and the sides. Without special skills and pinpoint accuracy, it would be impossible to create such a tattoo.

So, 3D tattoos usually use two things to accomplish the task; color and light. Remember that most tattoos are just black and the skin. They are very easy to create since all you need to do is draw a figure on the skin using black paint. As long as the shade of black is strong enough to be seen, the work is done.

But 3D Tattoo Designs don’t just stop at black. You need plenty of color to add dimension to the tattoo. Without color, you can create dimensions and without dimension, you can’t have a 3D tattoo. It is the third dimension that causes the human eye to see one as a normal tattoo and another as a 3D tattoo.

3D tattoo artists use both shadow and light to create this effect. By blurring some parts of the image, they can create the illusion that the image is closer than the object on which it appears (in this case the skin).

Where can I get a 3D Tattoo Designs ?

It is not easy to answer this question. In recent months, there has been news about 3D Tattoo Designs printers that you can purchase and use at home to create your tattoos on your own. However, unless you’re in a tattoo printing business, these printers can be unnecessarily expensive.

The best idea therefore is to find a talented artist with the skill to draw a 3D tattoo. These artists are difficult to find yes, but they are definitely available. If you live in the big cities, you’ll find one without breaking a sweat. The only problem is that you may have to wait on a long queue before you’re attended to.

To avoid wasting time, simple go to the internet and Google search “3D tattoo in (name of your town).” Alternatively, find forums and chat boards about 3D printing and participants to help you find a good 3D tattoo artist in your area.