40 Of The Best Foot Tattoo Designs

40 Of The Best Foot Tattoo Designs

While the majority of tattoo lovers prefer tattooing themselves on the arm, neck, back and thighs, the foot is one of the best places for tattooing that people have never considered. Foot tattoos are particularly loved by women but men can also have some designs drawn on their feet too.

The foot provides a nice flat surface on which to perform the work of art and the resulting tattoo designs tend to be more conspicuous. Indeed a foot tattoo peeking out of your shoe can no doubt be good looking. And since many people consider the foot to be the least pretty part of the body, having a tattoo on it can be a perfect opportunity to make it look nicer.

What Does A Typical Foot Tattoo Stand For?

Though sensitive, the area around the foot allows for the most stylish tattoo placements for both men and women. A good tattoo on the foot cannot only be sensual and aesthetically pleasing but it is also discreet. Since its surface is broad and doable, an artist can be more creative in exploring different designs and styles. But based on what you want your tattoo to look like, you can discuss with your desired artist to make additions to a given design for a more specific meaning or to embellish it to look even more beautiful.

Which Foot Tattoo Designs Can Be Inspiring To You?

Foot tattoos have been worn not only by men and women in the streets but they are a perfect choice for celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, just to name a few. Another reason why foot tattoos have become a popular choice is because they can be easily hidden using a pair of shoes, especially for those working for strict employers.

Just like other tattoos drawn on other parts of the body, foot tattoos come in plenty of designs that are eye-catching. Most of the popular foot tattoo designs are small in nature mostly covering such images as flowers, stars, butterflies and quotes. Think of any design that will look appealing to the eye or one that will pass across the very message you want. Before settling for a given design, be sure to conduct some research on foot tattoos and look around to find images that you love most. And always remember that what stands between you and the great looking tattoo on your foot is your level of imagination.

Does Getting A Foot Tattoo Hurt?

Truth be told, tattoos on the feet tend to be more painful that tattoos placed on other parts of the body. The main reason behind that is, the skin in that area is close to the bone hence it hurts more. A shoulder or upper arm tattoo is less painful because the part(s) are a bit fleshy. That does not mean you forgo the idea of having a foot tattoo.

If properly taken care of, it can last long enough to look great and convey a given message to your target audience. And for your foot tattoo to heal well after tattooing, ensure it’s not rubbed against clothing when healing, and that will take only two to three weeks. This may mean you avoid wearing shoes or socks till the healing process is complete. Always keep the new ink out of the sun and ensure it is kept moist using an ointment but not too moist to avoid bleeding of the color. Going around barefoot may lead to an infection, though it’s rare for a professionally-quality tattoo, so always be sure to keep your foot clean.

Are Foot Tattoos Expensive To Put On?

Despite the fact that foot tattoos require a lot of attention because of the sensitivity of skin, the cost of each design will depend on the amount of detail required to complete it. The size of the tattoo can also dictate the price you’re going to pay. Again, keep it in mind that 3D tattoos on the foot can cost you a lot more than 2D tattoos because of the shading needed. But it doesn’t pain to spend an extra coin just to get a more realistic foot tattoo.

Before getting a tattoo on your foot, be sure to compare among the locally available tattooists to identify the most experienced offering the services at reasonably lower cost. Putting a foot tattoo can be a sensitive procedure, so ensure you find a professional who can deliver quality tattoo that is infection-free.