5 Celeb Tattoos and Their Meanings

5 Celeb Tattoos and Their Meanings
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Here are a few celebrities that are quite famous and have some tattoos that people might not know about or are curious to their meanings. Everyone loves tattoos. Well that’s a lie, not everyone. Most people have tattoos and many people idolize celebs and when they see one with a tattoo it makes them more inclined to go and do the same.

1. Travis Barker. The infamous bad boy drummer of Blink 182. The man behind the sticks and able to tap a beat to anyone an anything he can come across. He says that he prefers to be completely sober when getting a tattoo. He likes the pain and looks forward to each new tattoo he gets. One tattoo says “Pal” which his father also got a matching one. The pin up below his neck is his “lucky charm” or so he says. He has a Chevy symbol with a rose and his daughters name, Alabama on his right hand and just recently had his entire head tattooed.

2. Megan Fox. She is a big lover of poetry. This is very apparent on her skin with her tattoos. She has the quote “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” tattooed on her upper right back shoulder. It’s a quote from Shakespeare’s King Lear. When asked what it meant she said, “to not get too caught up in Hollywood because people will end up laughing at you.”

3. Pink. Also known as Alecia Moore, she has a growing collection of tattoos. To date she has twenty-two. She has a tribal music note behind her right ear, a barcode on the back of her neck, a guardian angel on her shoulder, dog tags on her right ankle (which represent her dad and brother), the words Mr. Pink on her inner thigh and a Japanese symbol for Good Luck on her ankle.

4. Steve-O. One of the crazy Jackass crew and he happens to have some of the most out there and crazy tattoos one could put on their body. He embraces each and every one and isn’t afraid to show them off either. He has one tattoo of a smiley face that looks like a child drew it. This tattoo however he received while riding in a moving truck over some very rough terrain. This man also happens to have a giant self portrait tattooed on his back. Some peoples kids…..

5. Adam Levine. There isn’t much more to say about once dubbed the Sexiest Man Alive. I’m sure he’s still up there in the rankings and his tattoos certainly don’t hurt any. He has quite the collage and keeps adding to the mix. He has a Sanskrit tattoo on his left side which shows his passion and love for yoga. The 222 on his forearm represents the door number that Maroon 5 first recorded in. He has some flowers dedicated to his mom and has a black bead necklace tattoo that he received in Japan.

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