50 Diabolical Joker Tattoo Designs For Men Or Woman

50 Diabolical Joker Tattoo Designs For Men Or Woman

For those people that are naturally drawn to the bad guy, Joker Tattoo Designs are perfect for you.  The infamous character from Batman is one of the most popular bad guys to ever walk the earth.

Batman was originally introduced in the debut issue of Batman, the comic book, in April of 1940.  DC Comics had intended to kill him off in the first issue but the editors insisted that he become a mainstay in the series.  He moved on to become the archenemy of Batman, who makes for some great tattoos as well.

You will see a large variety of different Joker tattoo designs that follow along with the different stage of the Jokers career.  He began as a very dark character but eventually DC Comics turned him into a goofy prankster in the 50’s.  By the 70’s, they had turned him back to the dark roots where he started.

Going along the Batman series mantra, the Joker did not posses any superhuman skills.  He uses his great intelligence to master the art of alchemy and uses that to create poisonous concoctions.  His main weapons include razor-tipped playing cards, acid spraying flowers, and deadly handshake buzzers.

The Joker is widely known as one of the most iconic comic book villains ever created.  You can find his face everywhere from theme parks to video games.  To this data, he still gets his but handed to him in every movie and comic book by the amazing Batman.

Obe of the best things about using a comic book character for your design, like you will see in the Joker tattoo designs below, is that they can fit in almost any location.  You can do so much with them that you can make them make sense no matter where you are thinking of displaying your new art.  We suggest check out our post on the most attractive places to put a tattoo if you are a woman looking to flatter people.

Ever if you aren’t looking to flatter, all of the designs you are about to see are going to give you an idea of what you want to get done.  It will make it much easier for an artist to draw if you know what you like and what you don’t like.  Keep that in mind as you skim through our list of the best Joker tatto designs that we could find!

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