50 Horse Tattoo Designs For Cowboys and Cowgirls

If you are looking to find the best horse tattoo designs, you have come to the right place.  We have constructed this list of the best designs the internet has to offer no matter what tattoo location you choose.

Its hard to picture a world where horses didn’t exist.  They were the “horsepower” of our ancestors and made travel much easier in a time where everything else moved by human feet.  The ability to ride a horse or have a horse pull a cart changed the world in every content.

Horses changed the battlefield across Eurasia when they were introduced.  A single horseman could easily take down double digit men on foot.  Mix in the speed at which they were able to move and you have a game changing war unit.

To hit a little closer to home, horses are what allowed us to settle the other parts of our country once we started to explore.  They are what allowed us to move from one coast to another in a single lifetime.  No one would have ever been able to walk from the east coast to the west on foot back then.  Even if they could make it physically, they would run out of supplies and medicine way before they had the chance.

Every civilization in the world was positively effected by the introduction of this new technology.  Even Native Americans took it by the reins and harnessed the potential that these hoofed animals could provide.  Soon enough, horses became a vital part of Native American culture as we know it today.  That is why you will see so many Native American inspired horse tattoo designs on our list.

While these amazing creatures had such a great effect on ancient civilizations, they are still a big part of our culture today.  Many people treasure the bond that they have between them and their horse.  The bond between a man and an animal is great, especially if you rely on them every day in order to make a living yourself.

Horses are used regular in modern civilization in places that have rough terrain that horses can navigate easily.  This is very popular in places like Texas and Alaska where cowboy still need to go out and herd cattle on this rough terrain.  A horse is still the best means of transportation in these cases and will be for all of the foreseeable future.

Horse tattoo designs are popular for many reasons on a large variety of people.  People of Native American decent like to display these kinds of designs because it is a great way to show that they are proud of their heritage.  Cowboys and cowgirls also display them for the same reasoning, just a different heritage.

No matter what your reasoning is, these majestic animals make for some great looking ink.  Check out all of the designs on our list below and figure out what you like and what you don’t.  This will make it much easier to decide on the final design of your own horse tattoo.

Top Horse Tattoo Designs