50 Peaceful Buddha Tattoo Designs That Restore Hope For The World

Peaceful Buddha Tattoo Designs That Restore Hope For The World

In some traditional cultures, religious tattoos were very popular. People used them for many years in order to define themselves. There are those who used who used them to show other people their faith or the type of god they worshiped. The Buddha tattoo designs were amongst the most popular tattoos related to religion. They were mostly found amongst Asian countries like India, Nepal, Thailand and China.

Buddha’s real name was Siddhartha Gautama but the moment he achieved enlightenment, people began to associate him with a god like creature. He was believed to have great power and supreme knowledge. Buddha tattoos were therefore used to signify blessings, peace and wealth. They also acted as symbols of strength and enlightenment.

Irrespective of whether you were a Buddhist or you had strong beliefs in Buddhist art and philosophy, Buddhist tattoo designs had a wealth of meaningful, striking and intricate options. The foundations of the Buddhist philosophy were based on understanding, wisdom, awareness, mindfulness and morality; it’s therefore understandable that anyone who had interest in these tattoos and body arts felt attached to the Buddha teachings.

The following Buddha tattoo designs were associated with the Buddhist philosophy:

Buddha’s Face

Buddha’s face design is not only beautiful; it’s easily visible when drawn on any body part. A large Buddha face that covers the entire back of the body can be truly spectacular, but again, smaller designs on shoulders, stomachs, legs or arms can be eye-catching too. The Buddha face tattoo represents loyalty and faith. It also preaches the ideologies that were followed by Buddha.

A Golden Buddha Statue

A golden Buddha statue is revered all over the world. It’s a symbol that is associated with Buddhist teachings. A golden Buddha tattoo can be beautiful if several colors are used to imprint it. A golden Buddha tattoo can either depict the entire body of a golden meditating Buddha, or it can depict just the face. Whatever the choice, a good tattoo artist can use lighter colors to make the tattoo glow.

A Meditating Buddha

It’s a very popular design. This design looks amazing in gray, black or any glorious color. The addition of trees, flowers or any nature symbol makes a great combination to a larger design. If you want to make a statement using a tattoo, why not try having a tattoo of a vast and detailed meditating Buddha at the back of your body?

The Laughing Buddha

When people are thinking about Buddha, the image that comes in their mind is the jovial, fat laughing Buddha. According to the ancient Chinese folklore, a laughing Buddha was a light-hearted and recognizable tattoo design option, whether it’s the face or the whole body of the Buddha. The laughing Buddha can be a great piece of art if tattooed on a person’s stomach. If you want the tattoo to look better, ensure that the person’s bellybutton sits at the center of Buddha’s belly.

A Buddhist Prayer

Buddhist prayers mostly consist several mantras. These mantras are repeated to attain enlightenment; therefore, choosing a piece of prayer that is meaningful as a tattoo is always a perfect option. Buddhist prayers can be tattooed on any part of the body. A majority of people prefer having it tattooed on the forearm, down their ribcage or even the chest. Another location that is gaining popularity is having a Buddhist prayer being tattooed at a vertical position down the neck’s back. It’s always a perfect location for women who have an intention of showing off their slender neck.

Mandala Wheel

It’s a colorful work and is created in stone, ink, wax, precious metals, glass and sand. The Mandala is just another form of making a meditation or a prayer expression. The Mandala tattoo represents harmony and unity by using the concentric structure. Mandalas can be visually captivating. There are those who argue that mandalas have hypnotic effects and that they lead their viewers to higher levels of consciousness.

In Buddhism, a Mandala wheel represents the cycle of life. It’s an intricate design as it depicts the world, wisdom and enlightenment. It makes an interesting, detailed and beautiful design for Buddhist tattoos. Even though they appear striking in gray and black, using different colors on Mandala tattoos make different pieces of this design look much better.

Dharma Wheel

A dharma wheel isn’t just an ordinary wheel; it’s simply a wheel image that has central spokes and hubs. It’s a perfect choice for Buddhist tattoo designs. Being less intricate than the Mandala, the dharma is a preferable e choice for people looking for less detailed tattoos that do not take too much time to work on. It represents the Buddhist religion and produces an evocative and striking tattoo design.

Lotus Flowers

Buddha has always been associated with lotus flowers tattoo designs. Lotus flowers close to Buddha can make a perfect choice of Buddhist tattoos. Such tattoos represent purity and power. Having it on the skin can be amazing. It’s very popular amongst Buddhist crowds, and is therefore one of the most popular Buddha tattoo designs.

Lotus flowers are important symbols in Buddhism. They symbolize enlightenment, strength and rebirth. Apart from looking exquisite, lotus flower tattoos offer several meanings depending on their colors and make grater additions to larger tattoo designs. They can be gray, black or even colored and can suit any body part. Lotus flowers look nice in both half and full-sleeve designs.

Bodhi Tree

Bodhi trees are instruments of motivation in Buddhist religions. It is under a Bodhi tree where Buddha sat when he received true enlightenment. A classy gray and black tattoo of Buddha doing meditation under a Bodhi tree can make a perfect large tattoo. A good body part where such a tattoo can be imprinted includes the chest and the back thigh. The tree alone can look perfect if tattooed on the ribcage side.

Buddha tattoo designs are wonderful; they have artistic ways of demonstrating the wearer’s spiritual side. Even those who do not believe in Buddhist philosophies can never miss their powerful nature of symbolism. These tattoos have deep meanings behind them and have unending stories that make them not only beautiful but also powerful forms of body art.