50 Scorpio Tattoo Designs To Add Some Spice To Your Life

50 best scorpio tattoo designs

Any tattoo sign has to have a meaning attached to it, including these great Scorpio tattoo designs. This meaning is usually related to the personality of the individual, thus choosing the right tattoo is imperative when you want an accurate representation of who you really are. However, there is more to learn about tattoos than just the visible signs that are used to represent them.

The Relationship Between Astrology and Tattoos

The simple definition of astrology is knowledge of the stars. The stars and planets are considered a life force that is experienced among each one of us.

Now the sun is considered the king of stars. According to astrology, there is a center within each one of us that represents the sun. The shining part is the core and essence of every human being. It’s also called the sun sign of an individual, and is determined by the position of the sun when one is born.

The word ‘’zodiac’’ is a Greek word meaning animal. The art of astrology was improved by the Greeks when they decided to divide the heavens into 12 groups known as constellation. Each one of these groups is a personification (zodiac) which correlates with the nature of every constellation.

The basic understanding of the universe tells us that the larger world or macrocosm reflects humankind, which is the smaller part of the world, the microcosm. As a result, we realize that astrology is more than just knowing the zodiac signs, houses and dates.

Zodiac Symbols For Scorpio

These are extremely powerful and even elusive. They are present to keep us scratching our heads with surprises. In the real sense, they can be very hard to cipher. You generally have to sweat when trying to crack their complex codes.

But Scorpios also have governing colors that carry a lot of meaning with them. Scorpios are bright red in color. This symbolizes passion, intensity, and even assertion. Red is also considered the color of the root chakra, and this is symbolic to physicality, sex, action and base nature of their lives. What’s more, they have a wicked sharp understanding about the cores of life. They are characterized with the innate ability of trying to understand what make things work the way they do.

Now, their governing planet is Pluto. According to the science of astrology, this is that planet that lies far down there in isolation, and is very cold. Actually, it lies on the edges of the solar system.

This planet spins really far away from the sun, plus it shares many characteristic which are sometimes seen in Scorpios.

Scorpios can go out there in body, mind and spirit. They typically find comfort in that which is isolated or is foreign. What’s more, Pluto is also considered the god of the underworld – another aspect that is far out of the locale. Actually, this explains why Scorpios are sometimes very comfortable with strange or dark places. In fact, it is said that Scorpios will feel really at home where other members of the zodiac group are feeling strange or uncomfortable.

Definitely, there’s a lot to learn about their tattoo symbols, and the fun never ends here as they will always be full of surprises. Keep in mind that the zodiac symbols are linked to Scorpio’s sun signs.

The Animal Scorpion as a Tattoo Symbol

It is important that you understand why you’re going for another tattoo symbol as opposed to the other. Some people just get their tattoos simply because they love a particular sign, and not because it’s related to their true personality. They do this for anesthetic purposes, and there is no problem with that.

However, to get the most out of what you draw on your skin, there has to be a really deep connection between the symbol and who you are.

If you went to a desert today for instance, you’d encounter a scorpion for the first time, and it would scare you to death – if you’re seeing it for the first time.

When you do a little bit of soul searching, you will realize that your discomfort with the creature is due to the fact that you do not understand it, and you can never understand it when you don’t belong to the same zodiac group. The same applies to those who have specific phobias such as the fear of snakes. Some people can’t stand the site of snakes even if bribed to do so. But why is this so? The answer is simple; they come from a zodiac group that doesn’t resonate with these reptiles. And in this case, there is nothing much they can do about it other than to continue fearing them.

A true Scorpio – or someone who has this tattoo on their body and who belongs to this zodiac group will be misjudged in many cases. As a result, they will be mistreated and sometimes feared for no reason.

These people are loners since they prefer their own company. If you watch adventure movies about groups of people stranded on an island, you will come across these people, and in most cases, they will have a tattoo on their arms, symbolizing what they real are. They are quite fine with solitude, and like the creature scorpion, they can be shifty but not in a bad way.

You see, scorpions change with the color and texture of the environment so they can protect themselves. They also have a very hard exoskeleton which protects them. If this too fails, they are equipped with a stinger. In other words, if a Scorpio wants to be alone, just give them the chance to do so.

Scorpio Tattoo Designs

The description above shades light on the meaning of Scorpio tattoo designs. If you’re planning to engrave one into your skin, you should know the meaning first before going for the aesthetic value. However, if the meaning doesn’t have an impact on you whatsoever, then you can generally pursue it. But again, it doesn’t make sense to have a tattoo that doesn’t speak to your true personality. In fact, you will be lying to yourself when the tattoo doesn’t resonate with you.