Your Guide to the 8 Most Painful Tattoo Spots on the Body

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It is plain that tattoos in general are painful but which areas of the body are the most painful tattoo spots? There are several factors which determine how painful a tattoo is. If there is bony tissue just beneath the skin or if there are ligaments in close proximity; then it is obvious that getting a tattoo there will be considerably painful. Just as well, if the skin on the tattoo spot is covered by sensitive nerve endings, getting a tattoo there will also cause you more pain than other areas of the skin.

While the following eight areas of the body are the most painful tattoo spots, this does not mean it is impossible to have tattoos marked on them. All you have to do is ensure that you select your tattoo artist with care, making certain that they have the right experience as well as set of tools to do the operation as painlessly as possible.  They are also some of the most attractive places to get a tattoo.

  1. Eyebrow

If there ever was a contest for the most painful tattoo spots on the body, it is a no brainer that the skin in the immediate neighborhood of the eye takes the top spot. It is perhaps the reason why you may never have come across a person bearing a tattoo right on the eyebrow. The eyebrow is a very conspicuous spot and any tattoo you get there will be irrefutably present wherever you go. The price you pay for getting such an overt tattoo is pretty excruciating. Not only is the skin very sensitive their but the tattoo gun will be hitting your brow bone each time it makes a mark. Many people who get a tattoo on the eyebrow also have to factor in a couple of days when they have to contend with soreness and dull pain after the operation is over.

  1. Eyelids

If a tattoo on the eyebrow is very painful, then getting a tattoo right on your eyelids is positively excruciating. The skin of your eyebrow is not only very thin but also riddled with very sensitive nerve endings. As if this was not enough to make the eyelids the most painful tattoo spots on the body, the very close proximity of the delicate eyeball means you have to wear some sort of protection beneath the eyelid before the operation commences. However, if you are convinced that wearing a tattoo on the eyelid is a risk worth taking, look for a tattoo artist with enough experience and the right equipment to carry out the operation as painlessly as possible.

  1. Hands

It may sound counter-intuitive but the hands, here taken to mean the area from your wrists all the way to the finger tips, are some of the most painful tattoo spots on the body. The most difficult areas of your hands to inscribe a tattoo on are the fingers and knuckles. This is because these regions either have plenty or ligaments or have bones extremely close to the skin. However, as hands are able to take very many different shapes, the tattoos you get there can be very expressive. For many people though, this quality of hands and fingers as tattoo spots more than pays for any amount of pain or inconvenience.

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  1. The Hip

You may be lend to believe that because so many people prefer to have a tattoo around the hip area that this is not as painful. If that is your thinking then you better have another thought. Due to the proximity of the hip bone, tattoos around the hip region often cause the most excruciating pain when applied. That said though, the hip is a subtle area to have a tattoo that you can put on display when you like and cover up discreetly when it is not so judicious to show your inked skin.

  1. The Ankle

Obscure, discrete and subtle: the ankle region looks like just another of the most obvious places to get tattooed if you are not looking for a very overt tattoo mark. According to those who have had tattoos done there, the tip of the ankle bone, just where it juts out, is one of the most painful tattoo spots not only on the foot but on the body as a whole. In fact, if you ask me, I always advice that you should avoid having actual tattoo markings right on top of the ankle bone. You can have the tattoo go around the ankle, right below or above but never should it be placed right on top of the bone.

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  1. The Foot

You may have glimpsed at a friend’s or your favorite celeb’s foot and came to admire their tattoos so much that you feel like going for it yourself. While it is true that matching tattoos on both feet can prove very attractive if not outright sexy, you need to exercise caution nonetheless. While that Super Mario Tattoo will look amazing, the leg is full of veins close to the skin, bones and ligaments as well. However, there are also some regions of the foot with pretty thick skin as well. As such, while the feet are some of the most painful tattoo spots on the body, if your tattoo artist is creative enough, you can avoid the most painful spots and end up with a beautiful inked spot on your foot without suffering any excruciating pain in the process.

  1. The Elbow

Like many other joints in the body, the elbow is nothing more than just skin and bone. With no underlying tissue, the elbow makes for one very painful area to get a tattoo on. While it is pretty inconceivable that you would get a tattoo specifically for the elbow, sometimes you do get tattoos on your upper or lower arm extending all the way to the elbow. If this has to be the case and you cannot avoid having your tattoo extending to what is one of the most painful tattoo spots on the body, arrange it with your tattoo artist so that the whatever section extends over the elbow includes as little details as possible.

  1. The Knee

For some pretty obvious reasons and much like the elbow, the knee is one of the most painful tattoo spots on your body. As the needle vibrates on your knees, the feel of the jarring bone is not only painful but also positively unnerving. This should not be taken to mean that it is impossible to have a tattoo done right on your knees. A professional tattoo artist can design your tattoo with enough artistry, cleverly ensuring that the most detailed sections of the graphic do not run over the most painful areas of the knee. Fortunately, the knee area does not have very many sensitive nerve endings and as such, if the artist knows well enough about the anatomy of the knee to avoid hitting the bones directly; you can end up with very nice knees tattoos without suffering too much of an ache as a result.