99 Symbolic Lion Tattoo Designs For Men Or Women

Lion tattoo designs are very popular in the tattoo industry right now. In fact, they are one of the most sought after designs on the market right now. Everyone wants to hunt, fight, and be like a Lion.

With everyone going out and wanting the same animal, their are plenty of Lion tattoos for you to review while trying to find a design that you like. Take a look at them all and see what kinds of colors, sizes, locations, and details your would like incorporated in your design.

The Symbolism of A Lion

Symbolically, Lions are the symbol for strength. These are very strong animals that continue to rule the food chain because they can out-muscle just about anything in the animal kingdom. I am not aware of any animals that are going to go out and look to fight a Lion of any age.

This unchallenged power also gives Lions the impression of royalty. They are the king of the animal kingdom and no one plans on challenging that anytime in the near future. This is something that many people want to portray when they are looking for tattoo designs.

The third most popular meaning for a Lion tattoo is ferocity. Many people wish that they had the ferocity of these giant cats so that they could take on the world like a Lion does with the animal kingdom. If you could go to work and meet every task with the ferocity of a Lion, you would get promoted in no time. If you pick something from any of the amazing tattoo designs below, you are sure to tell everyone that you mean business!

Symbolism In History

When it comes to historic symbolism, Lion tattoo designs are also drawn to symbolize either the sun or the moon. It really depends on which culture you belong to, because everyone believes something different. The Egyptians, for example, use the Lion as a symbol for the “ferocious heat of the sun”.

In reality, Lions are cats and thus hunt at night. They are nocturnal animals that do most of their activity at night to avoid the searing heat during daily activities. A Lioness is even consider to be a lunar animal in most societies.


We hope that you enjoyed all of the Lion tattoo designs on this list. We tried to make sure to include a good variety so that everyone could find something that is close to what they are looking for. If you have a great lion tattoo that you would like us to add to our list, please leave us a comment and let us know.

It is important to review our list and decide exactly what it is that you want. You probably don’t want to copy a design off of this list but it will be much easier for your artist if you can show him a few designs that you like. This way to can see what to include and what to avoid when he or she draws up a design for your next tattoo.