About Us

Welcome to the Tattoo Ideas Center!

A little something about us…TattooIdeasCenter.com was created in 2013 because of our love for tattoos!

While there are many other tattoo sites out there, not one was offering us all that we wanted and so we decided to create our own site which fulfilled every tattoo-lovers needs! Our site was built to hold all the latest tattoo information, designs and everything else regarding tattoos so that YOU could find everything you could possibly ever need in one place!

So many times we would research our next tattoo online and find a mishmash of images that made it difficult to compare one design to the next.

So we decided to comb the internet for all of the best tattoo designs and categorize them in a fashion that made sense.

There are so many tattoo ideas sites out there and we are trying to separate ourselves from the rest. We continue to tweak our site to make sure it’s the best possible tattoo design site available.

We just recently added new technology for mobile users so when you click on a tattoo image to view it, you will be able to slide from one picture to the next within a category.

Look for more great additions to the site as we finish out 2015 and into 2016!

Thanks for stopping!