Amazing Clown Tattoo Designs To Choose From

Clown Tattoo
(image:flickr/BL Design Tattoo Studio)

There are lots of tattoos designs today than ever before. Among these, there are fun tattoos that will instantly stir up conversations and even be grounds to new friendships while others are just another tattoo. The last thing that you want is a ‘just another tattoo’ permanently inked on your body. These are more likely to bore you within a short period of time. Clown tattoo designs are a great idea to go by. Originally, these were available in simple and very limited designs but the variety has enlarged hence giving you more fun options to go by. You can use them to express your personality or your comical side. On the other hand, they can be done just for decorative purposes without an meaning to them at all. Here are some fun clown tattoo designs to stir up your imagination.

Happy Clown

This is a great idea if what you’re looking for is a simple yet fun tattoo. The happy face clown is original and basically what clowns are generally associated with. You can go an extra mile by adding a written message to it which will bring more meaning to it. You can also upgrade it by replacing the clown’s happy face with a loved ones’ or yours. That would give it a more personal touch.


Evil Clown Design

Edginess always gives a tattoo more voice. It will definitely earn more stares or even start up conversations. Everyone would want to know where the idea came from or simply offer genuine compliments. There definitely is a wide variety of evil clown designs that you can choose from. You can also enhance the one that you like best in order to give it a more personalized touch. You can leave it simple with just an image drawn or choose to add a written message to it too.

Happy Face/Sad Face Ambigram Tattoos

This is one of the best clown tattoo designs in the industry. Nothing gives a tattoo more edge and meaning than having it in the ambigram format. It can be a happy face when looked at in one way and a sad face when looked at from another direction. You can also have the two clowns facing opposite directions. Another way to incorporate two faced clowns is by having one done upright and the other upside down. You can also have the happy face as the main tattoo and its shadow as the sad one. One would have to be keen to notice the difference hence drawing more attention to it.

Gangster/ Clownster Clown Tattoo

People always expect the usual happy clown faces even in clown tattoo designs. Give yours more diversity by making it gangster. You can incorporate gangster faces to the clown to put the message across more clearly. You can choose to add more gangster related icons on the tattoo to help make the tattoo more descriptive.

Gun Clown Tattoo

If guns are your thing then you might want to add a more fun twist to it by incorporating a clown to it. There are several designs that you can go by to make it more fun and bad-ass.

Big Boss Clown Tattoos

What better way to show your bossy nature than having clowns do the work for you. If done correctly and with expertise, clowns can really help bring out the message clearly. Creativity on the clown’s face will determine how expressive it will be hence making it work for you.

Girl Clown Tattoos

Most clowns are always made to be male hence making girl tattoos a more fun diversion. Generally, girl tattoos are fun and in most cases meant to add a sex appeal to the theme. Girl tattoos can be used to convey the same message but in a more diverse manner. You can play around with the facial/body expression to help bring out the kind of message that you want to convey.

Clown Devil Clown Tattoos

The devil tattoo designs always seem to have the same face expressions and features. You can make yours a clown devil tattoo to make it more creative and even more scary. Apart from being funny and goofy, clowns can be really scary too. Maybe this explains why they are incorporated in scary movies nowadays. The best thing about this particular theme is that you can make it as expressive as you want.

Convict Clown

Clowns are known to be mischievous than anyone else. Actually, they seem more likely to cause trouble or escape from prison. A convict clown in this case is a fun yet an ideal symbol of mischief. You can make it as expressive as you possibly want through the facial features, body expressions and of course the outfit.

A Clown Piercing Through

There are a lot of things that a clown is capable of. This means that you can incorporate unique expressions in your tattoo to make it unique and creative. A clown piercing through can be used to illustrate a new dawn in a creative way. You can further make it more meaningful by incorporating a new chapter in your life; better life, career, achievement or family. Most people use this particular tattoo to signify a break though in life or a transformation for instance from bachelorhood to married life.

Eclipsing Clown Tattoos

This is an exceptionally fun way of incorporating two faces in one tattoo. You can choose whichever themes that you want the tattoo to signify. The most common is the happy and sad face but you can choose a little more creative idea such as an innocent face versus a mischievous face. The best part about this particular tattoo is that you can incorporate any expression that you want.

Clown tattoo designs can be as fun, exciting and creative as you want them to be. The fun part about them is that you can take a simple and ordinary clown tattoo and add features that would make it more personal and meaningful. You can also ask your tattooist for ideas and advise regarding clown tattoos. What might seem like a cool clown tattoo design in your mind might not be so appealing when done.