Ampersand Tattoo


This tattoo is most commonly known as the “and” symbol or “&”. It’s been around for decades if not centuries. It’s changed forms through the years but still holds the same principal it did when it was first introduced into written word.

The word that is associated with this tattoo is ampersand. Many people don’t know that. The only reason I happen to know is because I also have one of these tattoos. The ampersand comes with a multitude of different meanings depending on the intent that you’re using it with and how it fits into your life.

The symbol was created from condensing the Latin word “et” which means “and”. The actual symbol itself is a visual representation of the e and t being squished together. The symbol itself is more visually appealing then it is anything else.

Many people will often ask me why I would get a tattoo of the word “and”. Well for me it means something and stands for, “nothing last forever but there’s always an ‘and’ “. I read that somewhere once and just really dug it. It also happens to be very true.

Good times come and go as do bad times. Nothing is ever stationary in this life and if it is that thing is probably death. As much as things are changing something will always come around. You might be down on your luck and have been for months. Then suddenly out of the blue you catch a break and a streak of good fortune happens to come your way.

Well that good fortune just happens to be that “and”. Some believe that life is a journey “and” one should always keep their balance no matter how treacherous the road ahead is. There are many people that get this symbol along with something else. Take for instance a heart. Take your life serious but have fun “and” enjoy every minute of it. Always strive to carve out the best possible human being you can be.

It’s easy to get caught up in the media and there negativity. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a positive mindset. You might also want to get it with something other than a heart, say a good luck charm. That way you know wherever life takes you, whatever path you journey down, you have a positive mindset “and” a little bit of luck on your side.

Some of these might sound cheesy and in some regard they’re meant to. Cheesy isn’t always a bad thing and neither is being positive. Just think of this symbol as a quiet reminder in the back of your head to always move forward “and” be on the lookout for good things in your life. Appreciate the little things. Those little things usually end up becoming the biggest moments in your life. It’s hard to understand it now but I’m sure when we’re all tatted up and much, much, older we’ll finally realize it.