Anime Tattoos

Very colorful Tinkerbell tattoo
Another great option if you are looking for something animated.

It would seem that most anime tattoos are both stunning and extremely colorful. You don’t even need to like manga books or Japanese animations. If you’re into unique body art these would be right up your alley.

For the most part these tattoo designs are very simple. The latest trend in tattoos have been made into 3D and the majority of these have been anime designs. The oldest designs in anime date back to somewhere around 1910 or 1920. Old anime designs are just as popular now as they ever were. New designs are being seen more and more.

Common Anime Tattoos

Anime tattoos, most of the time, are associated with Japanese Culture. If you have a superhero or villain tattoo, of a show or character, it might show your deep seeded love for them.

A samurai anime is a symbol of both strength and courage. It isn’t that strange to see certain people get anime tattoos to form a club and their deep love for that series.

Sonic…need I go further? How cool is sonic? Not only is this character relevant now as it was twenty plus years ago but the character is still just as cool. Sonic is going to go down as one of those iconic and timeless anime figures. So seeing a sonic tattoo doesn’t make me shake my head. The designers of the game had a good thing going and they ran with it. Also both adults, mainly men, and kids preferably teens love speed. We love going fast. We kill for the adrenaline rush. It’s just human nature.

Pokemon, has come to surface again recently but has always had momentum in the tattoo and anime world. It’s another iconic brand that made head steam in the past and came to light again with technology. Pokemon go was a craze that swept the country for a week or two. It filled social media and brought back a “blast from the past” for a lot of adults. It also influenced a flux in tattoos that were being inked on individuals.

A strong show of Japanese anime is getting a dragon tattoo. Dragons have been at the forefront of Japanese culture for decades so it would only make sense to incorporate them in both anime and tattoo designs combined.

Anime has been around forever. It won’t ever go away and it’s more prevalent now then it has ever been. It’s a form of art as is tattooing, drawing and any other form we can put our minds in to. Art can be judged and critiqued as much as humanly possible…but at the end of the day…it’s art. It’s subjective to the artist and who they are and what they feel. That’s the best thing about artist. They don’t make things to please other people. They make art because it makes them happy. And surprisingly more often than not other people tend to follow suit. They end up enjoying it and either buy it in the form of painting, photography or tattoo. That is art.