50 Aries Tattoo Designs For Boys And Girls

Aries Tattoo Designs For Boys And Girls

Aries tattoo designs can be represented by a ram, the symbol, which is the horns of a ram, or the Mars symbol.

Based on your symbol, you may get any variation of the signs and drawings which reflect the direct meaning of your zodiac, or, based on your congruence to the description, anything that reminds you of your star symbol. They variations are seemingly endless, especially when you consider the colors, sizes, and places you can use to make your tattoo unique to you; something that no one else has.

Ideas for Zodiac Tattoos

One example of a unique zodiac tattoo would be for the Aries tattoo designs to use the Mars symbol in combination with the head of a ram, and underneath or around the drawing, use words to write out your birth date. If the symbol is for another person and not a dedication to your own sign, you can put their name or birthdate. You may also just write the name of your zodiac sign in a font or design that you care for.

Tattoos are all about being creative and loving what is on your body. Whether you love its meaning or its design, you have to decide why you want a tattoo and how the particular design you choose will resonate with you today and in the future. Your zodiac sign will never change, which makes it an effortless concept for a permanent tribute.

Reasons for Getting a Tattoo

Expressing Yourself

Tattoos are an art form that individuals use to express themselves, their creativity, and their identity. Sometimes, a tattoo acts as a barrier between an individual and the rest of the world, whereas other times it beautifully illustrates a deeper message about their personality and lifestyle.


Tattoos can often be tributes to loved ones – living or passed on – or tributes to self through personal icons, mantras, and signs, like a zodiac or gender symbol. They may also reflect something that inspired you or will continue to inspire you when you look down at yourself or in the mirror. Tattoos have the powerful ability to stay with you wherever you go to remind you of something.

Creative Expression

While most tattoos are meaningful to the receiver, there are other tattoo enthusiasts who use tattoos as a means of showcasing artwork they love or created themselves. These individuals use their bodies as a canvas to permanently exude a love and support for this art form.

For Fun

Yes, there are many who get tattoos not because of a meaningful message they want tattooed on them forever, but simply because it’s fun, reckless, and unique to them. These tattoos may fall in a more misunderstood category, but typically provide a sense of style for the receiver.

Common Tattoo Locations

While some tattoo enthusiasts have their entire bodies covered in ink, others choose one or two things to make permanent on their bodies and carefully choose their tattoo’s location for the right amount of exposure, as well as the right amount of coverage. There are a few common areas for getting a tattoo and these body parts do change as time goes on and tattoo trends circulate.

Upper Arm

A common place for men’s tattoos – although women have showed interest in this area in the last several years. Inner bicep and wrap-around tattoos are popular styles for this area of the body for men, whereas outer bicep and shoulder are more popular for females.


The forearm was the place for a bad boy tattoo for endless years, but now has opened new interest to men and women alike for more meaningful tattoos that people like to show off or use for inspiration. Celebrities have made this area even more popular by sharing their forearm tattoos.


Chest tattoos have become increasingly popular in the last several years. These bad boys are quite the commitment, typically featuring fanciful words written in gothic script.


Wrist tattoos are a trend rushing through women’s tattoos, especially for smaller, more meaningful words or symbols, like a zodiac sign, a religious icon, or a single word that holds meaning.


In the last ten years, women have joined forces to make foot tattoos extremely popular. They are so popular now that they are no longer trending; just normal. Foot tattoos feature different designs and artwork, words, lyrics, and other interesting trends.

Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac signs are a central source of personality and lifestyle identity that a large percentage of the world references. People who are interested in their zodiac symbol may read daily, weekly, or monthly messages from the stars – horoscopes – relating to their sign and seek hints or clues into their future based on these readings. For people who feel a strong relation to their sign, they may be interested in tattooing on of their sign’s related symbols on their bodies. Not only are zodiac symbols interesting looking and perfect for tattoo inspiration, but they carry a deeper meaning for those who wear them.

Types of Zodiac Tattoos

What’s great about zodiac signs is that there are three facets to each, which provide different variations of each sign for tattoos. Below, we have indicated the twelve signs with their corresponding “symbol”, “sign”, and planet.

Some Great Aries Tattoo Designs