Our Favorite Batman Tattoos From Around The World!

Our Favourite Batman Tattoos From Around The World!

Cool Batman tattoos have been very popular in recent years due to a resurgence of Batman movies.  The cartoon has created new fans while also getting old fans excited all over again.  The love for the superhero, mixed with the values that he stands for, make for a very popular design choice.

The first Batman comic series was released in 1940 and exploded from there.  It was a story about a millionaire playboy who witnessed the killing of his parents at a young age and vowed revenge against criminals.  With the help of his butler, who was tasked to take care of him, he trained day and night to sharpen his skills and solve crimes.

He was the first superhero in a comic that did not have any super powers.  He was just an average man that used his superior intellect and ingenuity to do what the police could not.  He was a rich and powerful man that chose to fight bad guys and lead a noble life.

The cartoon quickly gained traction and become one of the most popular cartoons of all time.  The cartoon is often considered the second greatest cartoon of all time, behind Superman.  Since 1940, their have been many reboots and movies to keep the interest alive.

Many people feel that Batman has made a huge impression on their lives.  This creates the urge to explore some Batman tattoo designs when they exploring options to show their individuality.  Take a look at our list of Batman tattoo designs below to get some ides of what you would like and where you want it.  That way your artist has more to work with than “I like that bat guy”…