Top 15 Bioshock Tattoo Ideas

Bioshock is a more recent video game that saw a major success in the market after its release in August 2007. Set in the 1960, the game features an underwater city named Rapture (planned and constructed in 1940) with such characters as Andrew Ryan, Brigid Tenenbaum, Frank Fontaine, Atlas and jack playing a major role in defining the destiny of the city. Ideally, the city attracted the world’s best and brightest minds that have come under Andrew Ryan’s economic philosophy spell.

If you’ve played the game, then I am pretty sure you understand the plot and characters of this bestselling game. With incredible characters and scenes, Bioshock can give you plenty of tattoo design ideas if you’re looking forward to putting on a great gamer tattoo.

Bioshock Tattoo Meaning

In Bioshock, the great chain, which is incorporated on Rapture’s architecture and decoration is a reference to the invisible hand market developed by Adam Smith. Ryan’s philosophy believe in the ideals that market forces are unrestrained by state intervention. So if you believe in these economic philosophies too, you might find it meaningful to put a tattoo of the city on your body.

Bioshock tattoos are not only incredible on the skin, but go a long way in demonstrating strength of mind based on game theories. If you’ve never played the game before, you should feel any offence identifying your ideal character or scene and having the tattoo drawn on your arm, chest or back. The game’s setting and characters are just inspirational for anyone who wants a video game tattoo.

Are There Any Bioshock 3D Tattoo Designs?

Just like other videos game tattoos, Bioshock tattoo designs come in plenty. If you want 2-dimensional tattoo or a 3D detailed tattoo, you can gladly have it drawn on your body. A 3D tattoo tends to appear more realistic and intriguing that’s why most game nerds prefer them. They might require some shading and detailing but they can come out as perfect as you wish. But if you fancy simple reasonably sized tattoos inspired by BioShock, then you can try 2D simple designs on your chest, arm, back or any other part of the body on which it will look great. You can find more elaborate tattoo ideas from a tattoo artists near you just before settling for a given tattoo design. With great experience in video game tattoos, you can find sample tattoo designs for previous games just to give you a head start.

Which Characters From Bioshock Can Provide Perfect Ideas For Tattoos?

If you’ve played Bioshock and have an insight of the characters and scenes, then you can have a better idea on which scenes or characters can be ideal for your tattoo. From main characters like Jack, to major characters like Sander Cohen all through to minor characters like Albert Milonakis, you can never miss on a character to put on your skin. The same is true for City of Rapture images and scenes.

You can be nearly spoilt for choice on which tattoo to start with and where to put it on your body. It doesn’t really matter whether you understand the Bioshock gameplay or not, all that’s important is finding a tattoo that perfectly matches your taste and you can go ahead to tell the artist to put the ink on your skin.

Are Bioshock tattoos costly to draw?

The cost of drawing a given tattoo is almost standard for most tattoo artists in town but it might slightly vary depending on the size and detailing required. And while simple 2D tattoos cost less when drawing, 3D tattoos tend to be more expensive because they need more time to do the shading and detailing for a perfect finish. But for you to ensure, you get a perfect Bioshock tattoo on your skin without really digging deeper into your pocket, be sure to perform an extensive comparison before settling on a given tattoo artist. And to ensure even better value, always go for the most experienced and reputable tattoo artists in your area.

Join the gaming nerds by putting on Bioshock tattoo today. It will not only look amazing on your body but it’ll go farther in putting forth the ideals and philosophies highlighted in the game for the people to see.