Elegant Cat Tattoo Designs For The Ages

Elegant Cat Tattoo Designs For The Ages

Cats are the most loyal pets at home, second to dogs. While majority of people consider having dogs as pets, cats tend to be more lovable and can be a better friend even when you’re having a bad day.  That leads to people obsession with the animal and leads to a population of people wanted to get a cat tattoo.

Cats have had many symbolic meanings throughout the history of humanity. In ancient Egypt, cats which were referred to as ‘mau’ were largely associated with Ba’at and Isis goddesses and were mummified and even depicted in art. Cats in ancient Greece were linked with deviousness, cunning, cleanliness and lust. But in the modern times, cats have not only been associated with independence but have also become a symbol of love. Ideally, a cat tattoo can have different meanings to different people so the bearer is the one who can explain better. But so long as you love your domestic cat, you can feel free to show your love by putting its image on your skin with ink.

What Are Some Of The Coolest Cat Tattoo Deigns?

Just like any other type of tattoo, cat tattoo designs come in plenty and they’re colorful enough to enhance the look of your skin. From the tinniest cat tattoos to the largest embellished cat tattoos, you can almost be spoilt for choice on which one to go for. And as much as most cat tattoo designs have feminine characteristics, there are other customizable cat tattoos for men that can look great.

Cat tattoo designs come in both 2D and 3D designs, so you can always feel free to add some detail for a more satisfactory tattoo. While 3D tattoos might take some time to complete, they contain shading and some finer details, making them appear more realistic on the skin. An experienced tattooist can be flexible enough to work on any unique tattoo design, so you can be free to think of anything that will interest you. Ideally, what stands between you and your cute cat tattoo is you and your imagination.

Which Parts Of The Body Are Perfect For Cat Tattoos?

The design and size of cat tattoo you put on largely depends on the part of the body you want it to appear and the very message you want to send across. If you’re opting to have a cat tattoo drawn on your body for fun or to look good, then there many areas of the body that can be ideal. You’re free to put one on the upper neck, the arm, wrist, at the back of the ear, on the upper sleeve of your arm or even on your thigh and foot.

A more reasonably sized cat tattoo can particularly look great on your wrist, foot and upper back. But if you are a working person, then you can avoid placing one on such areas as the neck or wrist where it is conspicuous because most employers do not usually welcome tattoos too well. But if you’re lucky enough and don’t fall under that category, then you are free to draw one on any the most attractive part of the body you can think of without having to worry.

Are Cat Tattoos Expensive To Draw?

While you might have an excellent idea of a cat tattoo, what might be worrying you is the cost at which you’re going to get it on your body. But you don’t have to worry about the cost anymore because getting a reasonably sized tattoo on the body is cheaper than you think. Just like other tattoo designs, the cost is largely determined by the size and design you choose to go for. For instance, a 3D tattoo on the lower back, arm or chest can cost far more than a tiny cat tattoo on your neck because of the amount of detailing required to complete it. However, since a tattoo is something that cannot fade a day after you’ve put it, paying more to get quality inked image put on your body can be worth it.

If you have no idea of the best cat tattoo to go for, then you need to think before you ink. Do some research on cat tattoos or you can alternatively get some ideas from your local tattooists before putting one. Moreover, you can be creative enough to add some embellishments on your tattoo and if you feel more inspired, you can include some text below or on top of the cat tattoo image. Cat tattoos designs are one of the simplest and less detailed, so going for one can be a great way to get started on a series of tattoos.