Celtic Cross Tattoos

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas

Celtic cross tattoos combine the Christian cross with a ring around the intersection. Early examples of Celtic crosses are found in both Scotland and Ireland, in Ireland it is believed that they were introduced by Saint Patrick when he was converting the Irish from pagans to catholic.

However the Celtic cross hasn’t just been used for religious purposes, the cross is often used to represent nationalism and white pride. In Germany the cross is banned if used within a pro-white context as the symbol was taken up by a prohibited political party. In Italy there is also a similar ban for the very same reasons.

In the USA the Celtic cross was adopted by the Zodiac Killer to sign letters, the significance of this is still unknown.

While the Celtic cross has come to have many meanings and many purposes over the centuries, its general use when it comes to tattoos is that of the catholic religion. Here are our top 15 Celtic cross tattoos: