Some Of Our Favorite Cloud Tattoo Designs

Some Of Our Favorite Cloud Tattoo Designs

Cloud tattoo designs may come in many forms and sizes. Some people prefer a much realistic cloud while others also want something that is closer to what you could see in most traditional designs. Another option is by getting a surreal design but there is really no limit on what you can do, may it have a meaning or none at all. However, there are some standards, meanings, and history that you have to take into account when choosing any of the cloud tattoo designs. Keep on reading the article to have a guide on the perfect tattoo that suits your taste and you’ll be well on your way in getting the tattoo that you have always wanted.

Different Types and Meanings of Cloud Tattoo Designs

Traditional Style – Cloud Tattoo

There is a huge variety of cloud tattoo designs that has been passed on from generation to generation and some of them have different meanings that is unique to its wearer but there are two certain styles that tend to be the most striking and popular among the rest. The first one stems from a traditional tattoo design while the second has a more realistic/realism feel that is being used as a strong tie to a religious belief. Let us look into them closely and discuss each of their variations and meanings.

Realistic Cloud Tattoo Designs (Typically Religious)

This type of cloud tattoo design usually comes along with words on script. Generally, they are names and/or dates of a beloved someone that has passed away. They are also a common background for Bible verses. This certain type of design is intended to represent how an actual cloud looks like with a ray of light shining through it. They are mostly done only in black and grey.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Realistic Cloud Tattoo Designs (Typically Religious)

As you would have suspected, this is a type of tattoo that represents heaven or the afterlife. This is intended to be a nod to the bearer’s religious belief as clearly reflected with the Bible verses. If it is a person’s face or name that appears with the cloud then it is likely a homage to a particular someone that the wearer knew and beholds in his/her heart. The clouds represent heaven that is the resting place of their dearly beloved.

Traditional Cloud Tattoo Designs

Usually done in the quite popular American Traditional or Neo-traditional cloud tattoo style, this certain type of cloud tattoo design is very recognizable. One can spot it in an instant as the cloud features stunning scalloped edges and usually employ a traditional shading or the pointillism technique in order to give it much depth and weight. Traditional versions of these often feature rain or raindrops and lightning bolts. Sometimes they go with an umbrella flipped upside down, collecting water from the cloud. It can be quite common to see people wearing them with an ultimate all-seeing eye right in the middle of the cloud.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Traditional Cloud Tattoo Designs

The meaning behind traditional cloud tattoo designs is way less concrete. These certain clouds may mean bad luck or misfortune especially when they are accompanied by lightning or rain. With Chinese or most eastern cultures, it has been used for centuries to represent change or a transformation of certain figures. As with Zen belief, the clouds symbolize impermanence or detachment.

Clouds combine the symbolism of both water and air. This combination represent a balance with regards to a person’s emotion and intellect. Like realistic versions of cloud tattoo designs, it is possible that the bearer also want to depict heaven although it is very uncommon for traditional versions of cloud tattoos. Designs could also be depicting the sun either being completely or partially obscured by the clouds. This can mean that a particular something of the wearer is hidden from everyone’s understanding or is eclipsed by a mystery from a wondrous journey.

Variations of traditional cloud tattoo designs typically alter or modify the symbolism of most tattoos but in general, the traditional design is hugely open to a wide interpretation and in most cases, purely aesthetic. An alternate interpretation in its meaning and symbolism stems from the symbol’s use that is apparent in Tarot. We are not even closely knowledgeable enough that we could talk Tarot with you but for meanings and interpretations, google is a better source of information.

Other Types of Cloud Tattoo Designs

 While traditional and realistic cloud tattoo designs are the most common, they are obviously not the only ones. Lots of tattoo styles use images of clouds in one form to the other.

The Japanese have traditional cloud tattoo designs that are often used as a backdrop for spirits or deities. The common symbolism that is associated with water and air often applies but it can be an interpretation of a deity or other-worldliness as well which is similar to the symbolism of realistic cloud tattoos.

These clouds sometimes represent the Four Winds, particularly in most nautical-themed tattoo artwork. It is often shown as a cloud and a face blowing in a certain direction and with a varying intensity. Most nautical-themed tattoos follow either British or American Traditional tattooing styles.

Although it may be that a tattoo could just be a tattoo, for pure aesthetic. Cartoon style clouds are an option in this area. They do not necessarily have or in need of a meaning and are typically more interesting-looking. The styles in which they are designed varies but the New School and Cartoon styles of art are used often with these types of cloud tattoo designs.

Ultimately, the symbolism and meaning of your tattoos rely on the bearer which is you. If by chance you are interested in getting the traditional meaning of a certain type of tattoo and you plan on having it inked on you, you are going to find this guide very useful. Both men and women nowadays want clouds for tattoos. They can be large or small and used with other designs as they are very flexible. They may come with butterflies, flying birds, sun rise, sun sets, stars, rainbows, lightning, heart, with an angel, moon, rain or raindrops and mountains – all relying no bounds but pure imagination.

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