Do Rib Tattoos Hurt? What Do You Think?

The guy in this picture wanted a little Gemini writing to go with his six-pack!
The guy in this picture wanted a little Gemini writing to go with his six-pack!

Whether it is a little or a lot, having a rib tattoo is going to hurt. Every person who walks into a tattoo parlor will ask the question “do rib tattoos hurt.” To be honest, all tattoos hurt. However, by going into a tattoo parlor with the right knowledge, a lot of tattoo pain can be manageable. You might be surprised how simple and easy it is to survive a rib tattoo.

Rib tattoos are done so close to the bone and since there is less tissue, the pain is hopefully on the higher scale. If you read our post on the most attractive places for a girl to get a tattoo you might be looking at rib tattoos, and perhaps you’re worry would be how bad do rib tattoos hurt? The pain of getting rib tattoos mainly depend on your own inception to pain. Some people compare it to sunburn while others say it is something they would never go through anymore. The other factor that determines the pain of a tattoo is the skill of your tattoo artist. Experts have a nice way of working with needles.

If you want to have a rib tattoo, make sure it is a design that you thought of well. This is because there is sufficient space to work on. However, a more complex and a bigger design will take longer hours to finish. Rib tattoos do hurt so if the pain becomes unbearable, talk to your artist. It is not a good idea to go on if you are not comfortable. Here are a few ways on how to deal with rib tattoo pain.

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How to deal with rib tattoo pain

  1. Before your appointment with the artist- it is important to talk to an expert especially if you have never had a tattoo before. Rib tattoos are painful and the best way to deal with them is to be mentally prepared. The more relaxed you are, the easier the process will be. Every person’s pain tolerance is different. However, rib tattoos pain is not like kidney stones pain or childbirth pain.
  2. Know which rib tattoos hurt the most- all rib tattoos are not created equally. The pain of a tattoo can be affected by what you are getting onto your body. The smaller a rib tattoo is, the less painful it shall be. If you want a large and a complex rib tattoo like the ones seen in out article about Virgo tattoo designs, then the pain will be much more.One color rib tattoo will be less painful and it will take less time than a multi-color rib tattoo.
  3. Organize for someone to be with you- it is not good to undergo your rib tattoo experience alone. If it good with you, take a friend or a relative whose company you love. Being with someone you like will make the experience much easier. Various tattoo parlors allow groups to hang around to encourage the person getting a tattoo. This helps to make the experience a once in a lifetime.
  4. Know there will be needles and blood- a tattoo gun has a set of small needles that go in and out of the skin. Every person who gets any type of tattoo bleeds a little. If the process can make you unwell or weak, you should make sure you do not watch. Always clarify your situation to your artist. He or she will be happy to help you get through the experience with minimal distress.
  5. Make yourself comfortable because you may be in the tattoo parlor for a few hours depending on the size and the type of your rib tattoo. Even though you will get some breaks to move around, making yourself comfortable will make the experience calmer. You can make yourself comfortable by having a glass of water to avoid dehydration, wearing comfortable clothes, or bring a music player or reading material. Also and make sure you visit the restroom before the appointment.
  6. Chew or squeeze something to relive the pain- Biting something or squeezing something in your hand can reduce pain significantly. Most tattoo parlors will have something for you to use. However you can consider bringing things like gums, stress balls, soft candy, and grip exerciser.
  7. Move as little as you can- it is very tempting to move when getting a rib tattoo. Try your level best not to move. The less you move, the more accurate the artist will be and the quicker the appointment will go. If you want to move, make sure you warn the artist so that he can remove the gun from the skin. You do not want an accident on your ribs. Remember tattoos are permanent.
  8. You can buy over the counter painkillers- maybe your fear is be how bad do rib tattoos hurt? If you think the pain is uncomfortable, you can take a small dose of over the counter painkillers. But make sure you do not take painkillers that cause blood thinning. This is because they can make you bleed more.
  9. Do not be drunk to deal with pain- the anxiety of how bad do rib tattoos hurt should not take you to the bottle. Most tattoo parlor will not approve to do a tattoo on an individual who is drunk. This is because clients who are drunk have a tendency of being louder, disobedient, and can make tattoo decisions that they will regret later. Again, alcohol will make you bleed more.
  10. Always listen to the artist instructions- after the getting a tattoo, it is normal to be sore for a few days. Your artist will give you some instructions on how to take care of the tattoo. Make sure you follow all the instructions and the pain will be minimal and for a short time. Avoid touching a fresh tattoo with unwashed hands. If you accidentally touch the tattoo with dirty hands, wash it gently with soap and water.

The nervousness of how bad do rib tattoos hurt will be no more after the completion of a tattoo. Rib tattoos came out amazing since they highlight the natural curves of the body. A lot of people are having rib tattoos because rib tattoos are always unique and astonishing.  So if you are looking to get that perfect Lion tattoo, don’t let the pain stop you!