Do Thigh Tattoos Hurt? And How To Reduced The Pain?

Do Thigh Tattoos Hurt? And How To Reduced The Pain?

Tattoos are highly fashionable nowadays. To some, it is a fashion statement while to others, it is an opportunity to express themselves. However, as much as everyone wants one done the pain involved makes them take a step back and re evaluate their decision. The most commonly asked question where tattoos are involved is how painful is it? If this will be your first time, learning the less and the most painful parts of the body to get tattoos will help you make an informed decision. Areas with the most flesh are considered less painful compared with with bony areas with thin skin. In this case, thigh tattoos are less painful compared to elbow and knee tattoos. There are a few things that you should consider when asking the million dollar question ‘Do thigh tattoos hurt’.

Even though this is one of the most attractive places for a girl to get a tattoo, you should also note that different areas on the thigh have different pain levels. When one person tell you that the thigh is the most painful area for a tattoo and another one differs, they may be both right depending on which part of the thigh they had it done.

  1. Outer Thigh – This area if very fleshy and the nerves are well concealed in the flesh hence making it less painful. The skin on this part of the thigh is thick which also makes the needle impact less painful. It is the most recommended part of the thigh for a tattoo.
  2. Inner Thigh – This is the most painful part of the thigh to consider for a tattoo. The skin on this area is really thin and soft hence making the pain levels high and almost intolerable for a beginner.
  3. Back of a Thigh – To some, getting a tattoo done where they cannot see is more painful than where they can actually see the action. This group of people consider the back of the thigh painful for a tattoo. On the other hand, the skin on this area is also thinner which might explain the higher pain levels.
  4. Front Thigh – This is a suitable location for a thigh tattoo. Just like the side of the thigh, it is fleshy. This means that the nerves are not on the surface and the skin is thick hence controlled pain levels. This is also a highly recommended area.
Check out the great piece on this woman’s calf.
Check out the great piece on this woman’s calf.

What is your pain tolerance level?

When you ask “do thigh tattoos hurt?’ You might want to consider your pain tolerance levels. Different people handle pain in different ways. How you handle yours will also determine how you will handle your thigh tattoo pain. Take some time and evaluate some situations that you’ve been in for instance, when you cut your finger with the kitchen knife, how well or bad do you handle that pain? Does it send you to the ER or do you simply suck it up then proceed? When you prick yourself with a needle while sewing, how bad is the pain for you? If you normally find yourself quickly moving on after an injury, you might handle the thigh tattoo pain quite well.

What to do Before Getting you Thigh Tattoo

Check out this butterfly leg designAfter you have picked that perfect butterfly tattoo, you should review these tactics to help decrease the pain.  Different people have different tactics to tackle the pain during a thigh tattoo procedure. There are a few measures that you could take in order to keep the pain involved at the back of your head hence managing it. Some people bring in their partners or friends and hold on to their hands, others bring in teddy bears or squishy toys while others simply cry themselves all through the procedure. However, there are a few things that you should do in order to handle the pain well.

  1. Days before getting the tattoo done, drink plenty of fluids and eat healthy. This will help boost your healing process and keep your skin healthy.
  2. Be sure to get adequate sleep the night before the procedure. This will help you manage the pain better than when you’re drowsy and irritable.
  3. Discuss all there is to know about the aftercare of the tattoo before the process begins. Most people can hardly remember anything that they’re told after a painful procedure. Use this opportunity to find out all you need to find out about the process and the tattoo itself.
  4. Bring a friend or partner if it is your first time. They may come in handy by distracting you by talking and cracking jokes.
  5. Choose a tattoo place that has TV’s. video games, computers and any other form of entertainment. This acts as an awesome distraction while getting the thigh tattoo done.

What Not To Do for The Pain

Do thigh tattoos hurt? Well they don’t if you do things right. Getting your thigh tattoo may be a less painful and quick healing venture if you do certain things. However, most people mess this up by doing some things that they think will be helpful with the process but actually aren’t. In this case, it is advisable to visit your tattooist and discuss things to avoid before the procedure.

  1. Do not take painkiller. Some medicine such as Aspirin is known to thin the blood. This means more bleeding during the process which should be avoided at all costs. Some people do not bleed at all during the process.
  2. Do not get drunk before the procedure. The last thing you want is to keep interrupting the process for bathroom breaks. Drunk people also tend to bleed slightly more than sober people and do not sit still. A drunk person is also likely to make regrettable choices on type and location of the tattoos.
  3. Do not clench your first or your body. This is why holding on to someones hand is discouraged at it draws in all the attention to the pain hence magnifying it.
  4. Do not be in a hurry to get it done. A decent tattoo shop will ask you to make an appointment and come in when you have enough time in your hands. Rushing your tattooist will end up bad for you. Remember, this will be in your thigh forever. Take time.

This information should shed insight to your ‘Do thigh tattoos hurt?’ worry. Do not just get into any tattoo shop and get yours done. Do some background check; if they have a website, their portfolio, how long they have been in business, customers feed backs, is the place clean, do they have all the sanitary supplies to keep infection away? Relaxing will be of much benefit to you. Remember, the pain is only intense for the first 60seconds then tolerable thereafter. The less focus you put on it, the less painful your thigh tattoo is going to be.  Now check out some of out best designs and get ready for some fun!