Does Getting a Tattoo Hurt? The Truth

Does getting a tattoo hurt? This is a common question which most people who’re considering getting tattoos in their bodies ask. Basically, acquiring a tattoo, by its very nature of a needle puncturing a person’s skin in quick succession, is definitely going to be painful. However, a person can hassle free cut down the pain if he/she adheres to the techniques which help people get painless, permanent tattoos. Be aware that your mindset will play a crucial role in determining whether you’ll experience pain when being tattooed. For instance, if you’ll go to the tattoo shop believing that you’re going to be in agony, you will obviously be in it.

However, there some tricks and tips which if you adhere to you’ll end up getting painless, permanent tattoos in your body. Follow some of these tips if you will be able to out and get a tattoo in one of those attractive places you were afraid of!

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Very inspirational tattoo idea.

Tips on How to Get a Painless Permanent Tattoo

Here are the tips which will help you out in avoiding being hurt when getting tattoos in your body;

Tip#1:Getting your Mind Ready:

It’s important that you prepare your mind first before visiting the tattoo shop. Tell yourself that tattooing process is temporary and will only take a few minutes or hours and therefore you can handle it.

Tip#2: Picking a Fleshy Area:

Tattoos done on the buttock, hip or thigh is going to hurt less than the one done on the sensitive area without a lot of padding. Generally, some of the spots you’ll most likely experience most pain when getting tattoos in your body include the inner arm, lower back, fingers, as well as the other areas in your body with a lot of bone and less muscles.

Tip#3: Choosing a Simple Design:

Be aware that the larger as well as more elaborate design you’ll choose, the longer the tattooing process is going to take and therefore the more pain you’ll experience. Also, shading tattoos is usually more intense than simply lining them; therefore, if you want to experience less pain, it’s ideal that you only pick line art without involving any shading.

Tip#4: Being Choosy on What you Eat and Drinking Plenty of Water:

It’s important that you eat foods reach in proteins before the tattoo process. Basically, foods which are high in proteins will raise your energy level; assisting your body to be able to tolerate pain much better than it would be if your were on an empty stomach.

Drinking water before the tattoo process is also ideal. Enduring significant pain can cause your body to easily heat up and sweat. This can in the log run make you lose more water and thus end up experiencing more pain in the long run. Therefore, ensure that you stay hydrated during the tattooing process since will help out in minimizing the pain.

Tip#5: Taking some Nonnarcotic Anti- Inflammatory Medication:

Taking some nonnarcotic anti-inflammatory medication like Advil will help you in your attempt to reduce pain when going through the tattooing process. Avoid prescription painkillers since the amount you’ll be required to taker to counteract the pain of a tattoo completely will most likely knock you out; and no artist will prefer working on a sleeping client or who appears as if under the influence of something.

Tip#6: Chewing Gum:

Making your mind focused on one repetitive action like chewing gum, incessant blinking or clicking the teeth together, will lessen the amount of pain.

However, DO NOT use alcohol to reduce the pain since it will thin your blood and therefore make you experience more bleeding. It is also obvious also that there is no any tattoo artist who’ll prefer attending to a drunken client.

Tip#7: Talking to the Artist:

Tell your artist that you fear experiencing any pain when being tattooed; but your desire for a tattoo outweighs what you’re likely to experience. Generally, if your artist knows you’re in a delicate state, he/she will work with you; taking breaks when necessary and doing whatever he/she can to ensure that you’re comfortable during entire tattooing process. Don’t you think that that will be in deed great?

Tip#8: Treating the Tattoo with Care:

Once the tattooing process is over, it is important that you ask your artist on the appropriate methods you should adhere to when caring for your tattoo. Note that banging it, getting it sun- burnt will definitely make you experience more pain. Let’s have a look at the tips and warnings you should adhere to if you’ll put the aforementioned tips when considering does getting a tattoo hurt?

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Again, we like the crow eating the snake design, but we aren’t sure about the cactus underneath could use some work!

Tips and Warnings

  • If you’re terribly scared of the pain, it’s recommended you consider getting temporary tattoos or looking for other means of body art.
  • You can also set yourself ready for a tattoo by visiting the tattoo shop and watching other tattoos being done. It’s obvious that watching other people going through the process will make you believe that you can also do it.
  • If meditating when in the tattoo shop is not easing the pain, try to engage yourself in a conversation with the artist or any other person near. This will engage your mind in something else rather than the tattooing procedure. Also, you can listen to music, read, or even sing. However, ensure that whatever you engage yourself in while attempting to rid off the pain does not disrupt the other clients.

Once you’ve got the tattoo in your body, it is important that you request for some numbing cream from a health care provider. However, you must be clear that you’re requesting for the cream because you want to apply it to a body part that has been tattooed. This is ideal since it’ll make the physician or nurse make a better clinical decision and offer you with the correct amount. Also, make sure that the physician guides you on how the cream is supposed to be used. Ensure that you apply the numbing cream as guided by the physician.

As you’ve seen, getting a tattoo hurts but there are various tips and tricks that you can put into consideration and end up reducing the pain.

Last, but not least, it’s my sincere hope that your question “Does getting a tattoo hurt?” has been tackled well. Ensure that you make use of the aforementioned tricks and tips when undergoing the tattooing process so that you can get to experience their effectiveness.