40 Of The Best Fairy Tattoo Designs You Have Ever Seen

40 Of The Best Fairy Tattoo Designs You Have Ever Seen

Fairy tattoo designs have been a recent development in the tattoo industry representing a range of interests and way of thinking. These juicy and beautiful fantasy creatures have not only caught people’s attention in fantasy and comic books, but they are slowly navigating their way into tattoo studios.

Fairy tattoo designs have a nostalgic appeal that reminds one of the images of childhood and they are a better way of keeping the memories alive in the heart or mind. A fairy is usually a small, beautiful creature with transparent wings, colourful dress and a human-like appearance and is believed to live in wonderland. According to fantasy books, fairies have supernatural powers that include flying, casting spells and foreseeing or influencing the future. So if you’ve been longing for a magical tattoo, then a fairy tattoo design can just do you great.

Who Are Fairy Tattoos Meant For?

Most fairies take a female mythological figure and tend to look beautiful whenever they are visiting-though their intentions are not always that good. And because of their typical appearance, fairy tattoos are best meant for women who believe things have to be nice and pretty. Hence, if you’re a woman, you can always feel free to add a sexy look and a mysterious allure to your tattoo that will lend credence to the fairies’ nature.

In many books and comics, the fairy is depicted to have a unique combination of fragility and an innate aura of strength, hence can be a perfect way of bringing out your very personality. And so fairy tattoos are creative pieces of art that can represent anything that you imagine or believe in. It can be your youthful innocence, mysterious beauty, naughty nature or even your fantasy imaginations.

Which Fairy Tattoo Designs Can You Find In The Market Today?

When it comes to fairy tattoo designs, the options are almost endless. You can choose to have the fairy image drawn in different forms just to bring out the meaning or the beauty you desire. Moreover, fairy tattoos can be done in 2-Dimensional or 3D versions hence if you want something that is more realistic then you can go for the latter. Fairy tattoos can also be blended with other tattoos designs to create more delicate and prettier images. The most popular combinations may include:

  • Fairy, flowers and butterflies
  • Fairy and mushrooms
  • Fairy and angel
  • A fairy and clovers

These are just some of the popular combinations women prefer today but you can always think of other elements that can make your tattoo beautiful and charming. If you’ve never tried a fairy tattoo before, do some research on fairies and be sure to make your design unique and more meaningful too. Always remember what stands between you and your magical fairy tattoo is your imagination.

Which Part Of The Body Is Best Suited For A Fairy Tattoo?

There’s no single area on the body where a fairy tattoo design won’t look good. The only thing you have to worry about is placing where it can be seen or flashed and hidden. And since a fairy denotes a range of mysterious and magical things, you can proudly put the tattoo on the wrist, arm, foot or thigh. You can also opt for a small and cute fairy tattoo on the hip, shoulder or ankle where they can be more visually appealing. And if you want a large fairy tattoo on your body, then the back can be an ideal place to place it.

A standard fairy tattoo on the thigh cannot only appear magical but it will go a long way in lending you a sexual appeal. The choice is always yours to make, but you need to consider keenly where to place your tattoo, more especially if you’re a working person. If you fall under that category, then you should avoid the neck, feet and wrist areas because many employers do not usually welcome tattoos that well.

How much does a fairy tattoo cost?

Just like other tattoo designs available in the market, fairy tattoos are not that expensive. Ideally, the cost of every tattoo is dictated by the complexity of design and its very size. For instance, a simple and tiny fairy tattoo on the wrist or foot will cost much lesser than a 3D fairy tattoo covering the entire back.

3D tattoos usually pay attention to shading and other finer details before finishing hence they tend to be more expensive than the conventional 2D designs. If you don’t have knowledge of the price your design will cost, then be sure to compare the available tattooists in your town before settling for the most ideal.