Family Tattoo Designs

Family Tattoos
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Getting a tattoo is usually not an endeavor which should be taken lightly. Basically, short of getting painful and expensive laser removal, tattoos are permanent marks on one’s body. It’s said that tattoo designs should be allowed to sink in mentally before they’re finalized as well as acted upon. For instance, if a group of members of one family desire to get identical tattoos, it’s ideal that they 100 percent agree on the artwork that is to be involved before they head into the parlor whereby the real art is supposed to take place.

Family Tattoo Designs

Last Name

In most cases, closely related family members will always share a last name. Generally, selecting a tasteful presentation of that name is a good way you can use to tie your family together by way of a tattoo.

Some names of some families are often shortened or derived from ancestral origin. Therefore, using the ancestral name can also be an ideal presentation of the family moniker. You can also use a family crest to show pride in your family’s name.

Common Interest

There are some family members who normally pursue common interests; activities, lines of work or even hobbies. For instance, if all your family members are football fans of a certain team, having that team’s name tattooed on your body can be a great idea.

A List of Lost Loved Ones

The tragedy involved in losing a loved one is most likely to bring a family together. Basically, remembrance of that relative is a very wonderful way of honoring their impact on the family members lives.

Their names, dates lived or even their photos can be presented in form of a tattoo. The artwork can also be presented by an interest which that individual used to have, or something which symbolizes his/her spirit.

A Family Tree

A family is obviously the most prized possession for every person. During our lifetimes, we normally work hard to ensure that our families are having the best of everything. This is the reason why most people will try out anything that they believe will strengthen ties with their family members. Therefore, coming out with a tattoo design that shows the true meaning of strength, hope and love that you share with your family members is very important.

A family tree tattoo design is among the classic designs you can use to depict these relationships which have contributed to making you to be the person you are today. You can inscribe the tree with names, initials or anything else that symbolizes each family member. There are some people who prefer using birds perched on trees to denote family members. All in all, a tree tattoo is definitely a tribute which will mark the heritage of your family as well as its continuing legacy.

Infinity Symbol

It is a reality that the love often shared in any family is definitely the one which is infinity. Basically, the institution of family is normally the first place whereby we’re introduced to the idea of love which lasts forever. Also, the family institution teaches people to stick together in time which are, both, testing and trying your equation with another. A Bond which is forged in a family will always be the one which is treasured and remembered throughout our lives. Therefore, coming out with an infinity symbol tattoo is something that will show how much you treasure your family members. An infinity sign or a simple horizontal eight is a perfect depiction of this type of love. It’s a mark which says �always’ and �forever’ in the most apt and succinct manner. So, if you’re looking for something small that will truly show how much you love and treasure your family, an infinity symbol with small elements will definitely be the perfect tattoo you should consider putting in your body.


A score of beautiful quotes which capture your understandings of a family is also another awesome family tattoo design that you can use to symbolize your family bonding. Below is a list of some of the quotes about family that you can use to celebrate as well as reiterate the essence of bonding;

  • “Family is what often grounds you.”
  • “Love contributes to making a family.”
  • “Family is not an essential thing, it is everything. “
  • “The family is among the nature’s masterpieces.”

Therefore, show family members how much you love and treasure them by inking your body with quotes which truly inspires you and brings out your emotions about your family.

Names of your Family Members

Mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunt, uncle as well as grandparents are the individuals who normally make our lives worth each and every moment. Right from the time be begin existing in this world, these people will always love us, nurture us, and bring a meaning to our lives. Therefore, inscribing the names of these people is one of the greatest ways of showing how much you love them. It is therefore important that you create typographical designs which substantiate what you family really mean to you.

Elephant Herd

Herds of elephants are often considered to be among the close- knit groups of mammals in the animal kingdom. Once elephants become part of a group, it’s only death that makes them part. This has made elephants to be considered to closely depict the way we human beings act most of our lives during our stay in this world. Therefore an elephant herd can be a perfect tattoo design you can use to emphasize family bonding which starts with birth and only gets separated with death.

Tattoo design ideas which symbolize family bonding will definitely bring out any person’s heartfelt emotion. It is recommended that you pick a design which you believe stands for your understanding of your family.

However, it’s ideal that you do a thorough research on the internet, talk to a few tattoo artists or designers when you’re looking for a perfect tattoo design idea to be drawn on your body.

Last, but not least, think first before you ink any design in your body so that you don’t end up regretting later. Ensure that you make use of the aforementioned trps on family tattoo designs so that you can get to experience their effectiveness. Thank you.