First Tattoo Advice

Are you one of the many people in the world looking to get their very first tattoo? Do you need some first tattoo advice or questions answering? Then read on….

Tattoo Sign

1: Be Patient and Take Your Time

Never rush when making a decision about a tattoo, all tattoo’s are permanent and failing to take your time when choosing a design or location can lead to a lifetime of regrets.

  • Your first tattoo should always be a design you are extremely happy with
  • The location of the tattoo can make a huge difference in many ways
  • Getting rid of a tattoo is very expensive and also quite painful, take your time deciding!

2: Find a Quality Tattoo Artist

Never pick a random artist, always take time to look around and find the best!

  • Visit a decent amount of tattoo parlors and check the tattoo artists portfolio
  • Ask people with tattoo’s who they would recommend
  • Ask about the costs
  • Speak with the artist about the tattoo design you want
  • Check the tattoo parlor for cleanliness

First Tattoo Advice

3: Consider the Position and Style of the Tattoo

Face Tattoo

Many people who get their first tattoo fail to look ahead! When getting your first tattoo always think about the future with regards to career and future tattoos.

  • Chances are you won’t only get one tattoo, therefore you should consider how future tattoos would look alongside your first.
  • Do not allow the artist to position the tattoo wrongly, if you don’t like the placement before he starts, tell him/her!
  • Consider the impact of face and neck tattoos, these could negatively effect your career and job prospects.

4: Do Tattoos Really Hurt?

This depends on many factors, some people have higher pain thresholds than others so it’s different for each and every person. The picture below shows which areas are most painful, if you are getting your first tattoo in one of the purple areas then it will possibly hurt more than usual.

Tattoo Pain Scale

 * Do not change the position of your tattoo in the hope that it will be less painful! If you want it in a purple area you should continue to do so.

5: Tattoo After Care

After your first tattoo is done you will be given strict instructions by the artist on how to care for it over the coming days.

  • Always stick to what your artist tells you, do not take of the bandage until the time stated by him/her has past! Air-born bacteria can invade your wound (yes it is a wound) so keep it covered up no matter how much you want to look at it!
  • When the bandage comes off use lukewarm water and mild soap to wash the area. Do not use a wash-cloth, your hands are best for this task.
  • Special lotions are available (your artist may offer them to you) such as Tattoo Goo, use these for up to 5 days after the tattoo was done.
  • Shower as normal but do not swim or take a bath, getting the tattoo wet is fine but do not soak it.
  • Once the scabbing starts apply a warm moist compress, do not pick at the scab!
  • The sun will damage your tattoo by causing it to fade, protect the tattooed area by using a minimum 30 sunblock.

Finally, if you would like any more first tattoo advice we suggest you watch this great video.