Forearm Tattoos

Across the internet you can find thousands of forearm tattoo ideas to take inspiration from. While the simple forearm tattoo may not be as popular as trends such as the sleeve or lower back tattoo they are still relatively popular all across the west.

With forearm tattoos you really need to make sure that they won’t cause you any employment issues in the future as some employers/careers won’t take on people with tattoos in certain locations. While this may seem quite backwards in today’s world, it is still a fact that tattoos are frowned upon by many, especially the older generation.

So, you have finally come up with the best of all your forearm tattoo ideas and you know exactly what is it you want! If you are at this stage it’s time to take action! Follow these steps to make sure you don’t go wrong:

  • Speak to your artist about the design and get him/her to draw it up
  • Once you are happy with it get a quote, never compromise the tattoo for a cheaper price
  • Wait a few weeks before booking the tattoo in, that way you won’t make any hasty decisions
  • Get the tattoo done!

Following these steps means you really can’t go wrong at all! The last thing you want to do is rush into buying a new tattoo then regret what you have done afterwards.

Forearm Tattoo Ideas

If you have you still not come up with any forearm tattoo ideas of your own then maybe these designs will inspire you!

While these are only a handful of designs, you can check out far more in this video or alternatively thousands more in our tattoo designs section in the top menu bar!

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