40 Fox Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

40 Fox Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

What comes to your mind when one mentions the word fox? Is it intelligence, sex, trickster or sexy vixen? Whatever the case, the fox symbolism has had tricky connotations among people in the human society. This leads to thousand of people searching for fox tattoo ideas each month. But have you ever stopped wondering why people still respect foxes for their minds not because of their muscles?

Apart from being connected to the trickster archetype from the Loki in Norse Myth, the Native Americans see it as a master of survivalists. Aesop’s famous fables featured the mentally astute fox as an intelligent animal which is able to turn any situation to its very advantage. Reynard the fox is a popular character in children’s stories famous for his ability to outfox everyone around him. The ancient Moche people of Peru spoke highly of the fierce warrior, not because of the animal’s physical strength but because of its incredible mental ability to master the mind. From the entire Europe, to Botswana, Mesopotamia, all through to Greece, stories of the noble fox abide.

Symbolic Meaning of Fox Tattoos

In real life, a fox is an intelligent animal known for its astounding adept at evading predators, escaping traps and boldly moving around in its environment. In the Japanese, Chinese and Eastern India symbolism, the fox is seen as an animal with the ability to adapt to the environment and escape from harm by somehow supernatural means. A fox tattoo in this light can symbolize adaptability, intelligence, strategy and the stealthy ability to move in social circles. It can also be a symbol of sexuality based on the Chinese lore that indicate some parts of the fox such as testicles, teeth, tail and claws were used as aphrodisiacs. And what’s more, fox tattoo ideas particularly in women symbolize sexual prowess across the world. In summary foxes are seen as an embodiment of certain human traits including:

  • Wisdom
  • Intelligence and cunning
  • Sexuality and fertility
  • Deception and trickery
  • Adaptability and keen survival instincts
  • Femininity

Fox Tattoo Designs

Fox tattoos come in variety of sizes and colors but can be drawn to convey a certain meaning. Whatever, your reason for putting it, you need a good looking tattoo that will last on your skin for a lifetime. If you’re a free-spirited trickster at heart, getting a fox tattoo can be a perfect way of channeling your wayward personality. You can feel free to imagine on any fox tattoo you want but always remember an added element to a given design changes its overall meaning. So be sure to study the fox tattoos and their messages and determine the ideal place of the body where the artwork will be placed.

Fox tattoos designs come in 2-dimensional as well as 3D formats. If you want a simple tattoo on your neck, wrist or arm, then a reasonably sized 2D tattoo can do you better. But if you’re looking for a more realistic fox tattoo on thigh, chest, back or any other part of your body, a 3D tattoo can be ideal for you. 3D tattoos involve some shading and a lot of detailing, so it might cost you a lot more. There are also fox tattoo designs for men and women, so be sure to pick one that will perfectly match your skin and convey the very message you desire. The ability to outfox a fox depicts a person’s mental superiority and you should demonstrate that by choosing fox tattoo ideas that serve a purpose.

Finding Artists near You

Though you might have a perfect idea on the kind of tattoo you want on your body, finding a tattoo artist who can deliver what you exactly want is always a challenge. And since you have to demonstrate how smart you are in picking the best, always compare for artists and choose the most experienced ones to ensure that you fox tattoo ideas don’t end up looking like a butterfly tattoo! Before having a fox tattoo drawn on you, be sure to go through different fox images so as to select one that’s most appealing to you. If you want the tattoo to be conspicuous enough be sure to put it on your wrist, neck, arm or foot.

You can also get more elaborate tattoo ideas from your local tattoo artist for a great-looking fox tattoo. A tattoo goes beyond just an ink sketch on your skin. It is an embodiment of you personality, lifestyle and personal experiences. And though coming up with a unique tattoo design can be a daunting task, an experienced tattooist can give you more excellent ideas that will get you a piece of tattoo that’s meaningful and more satisfying.

The 40 Best Fox Tattoo Ideas