Frog Tattoos

Frog tattoos are a fairly popular design for one reason or another, historically they have had very different meanings attached to them. In Egypt the frog-headed Heket is the Egyptian goddess of birth. However, in Celtic culture the frog was deemed lord of all earth and was believed to have healing powers. In China it is a symbol of good luck and in Christianity a symbol for the holy trinity and resurrection!

Frog & Flower Tattoo

24: Two frogs kissing in front of a heart.

Kissing Frogs

23: Another frog and pink flower design.

Frog & Pink Flower

22: Bright blue frog sat on a rock.

Bright Blue Frog

21: Another blue frog design, this one lighter than the previous and sat on a red flower.

Blue Frog & Flower

20: One of the more unique frog tattoos we have come across.

Crazy Frog Tattoo

19: Simple frog design across the whole foot.

Slim Frog Tattoo

18: Another blue frog, this one with a little bit of a 3D shading.

Large Blue Frog

17: Bright red-eyed frog design.

Red-Eyed Frog Tattoo

16: Another frog and flower design.

Frog Tat

Frog Tattoos

15: Bright blue and yellow Poison Dart Frog.

Blue And Yellow

14: Frog climbing and leaving footprints behind.

Climbing Frog

13: Swimming frog design, the only one on our frog tattoos list.

Swimming Frog Tattoo

12: Colourful frog hand design.

Hand Frog Tattoo

11: Red and blue Poison dart frog tattoo.

Red Foot Frog Tattoo

10: Climbing Poison Dart Frog tattoo, this one causing damage to the skin.

Cutting Frog Tattoo

9: One of the larger frog tattoos on the list! OK so the frog itself isn't very big but the design is great and it's worthy of its place!

Large Frog Back Piece

8: Happy frog tattoo!

Happy Frog

7: Another huge full back-piece! This one in a Japanese style with a couple of frogs.

Large Frogs Back Tattoo

6: 3D blue Poison Dart Frog!

3D Frog

5: Very nice unfinished frog design, this one is stunning!

Frog Wrist

4: The only frog half-sleeve on the list, lovely design!

Frog Half-Sleeve

3: Every so often you will come across a tattoo design so original that you'll wish you had thought of it first! This is most definitely one of those times!

Frog Tattoos

2: Lovely 3D frog design.

3D Green Frog

1: First on out 'Frog Tattoos' list is this stunning two frogs design with a 3D element! Simply beautiful to look at!

Two Frogs