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Funny KFC Tattoo
Charming Funny Tattoo, Medium Size Tattoo at the Arm.

This is the part of tattoos where everyone goes, why? Why did you get that tattoo? What are you going to think of it when you’re eighty years old in the nursing home getting sponge baths? Well let’s be honest, most people will say that anyway, no matter what tattoo you decide to get.

Some tattoos do have a sense of why in the world would that even be in the realm of possibility. What made you decide to get that. Most of the time it’s people who do said tattoo on a whim. They do it when they are drunk or being pressured by others to get something that they will end up later regretting.

There are a few tattoos that come to mind. The first would be Steve-O. The same Steve-O off of the Jackass movies. He happens to have a multitude of tattoos that would make you turn your head. He has a self portrait on his back. It’s a portrait of his face and it’s literally the entire size of his back. He also has a smiley face tattoo that he got while riding in a car down a very bumpy dirt road.

There are some people that get certain characters as their tattoos. Some get smurfs, or the angry mushroom, while others think that tattooing the KFC man onto their bodies that it’s going to be okay in the end. It’s hard to comprehend how that makes sense in the heat of the moment. Maybe it’s the heat of the moment that makes them end up getting these certain tattoos. Now getting the KFC man is massive commitment to chicken. I love chicken. All kinds of chicken. There is fried chicken, grilled chicken, chicken tenders and any sort of other chicken that you can imagine. How about getting a chicken that in writing says “stay cluckin”. Do you think that the same person has the KFC man tattooed on themselves? Hope they have stock in KFC or some other type of chicken chain. That takes dedication and love to a whole other level.

What about a cat tail coming out of your pants on your back? Or how about eyes tattooed on the back of your head or a hot dog man in a bun inked along the entire side of your body. A lot of these designs makes me, for one, question every portion of what they were thinking.

Sure, it’s possible that some of these designs have some significant meaning to these people but it still is completely absurd to get such a design. In the end we can laugh, we can question why but we shouldn’t ever bash someone for getting a tattoo, no matter what the reason might be. You never know what these people were thinking at that time or what they might have been going through. So look at each tattoo, laugh uncontrollably in your mind or at your own home and then continue on with your day.

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