50 Gemini Tattoo Designs That Came Out Looking Beautifull

50 Gemini Tattoo Designs That Came Out Looking Beautifull

The beauty of art extends from the sketching board to the skin of a person. The art of tattoo has been practiced for many years now and it is developing into a common practice if the recent years. There are many designs of tattoos and the most common categories are the zodiac signs. The Gemini is one of the zodiac signs that has a deep meaning. The persons born in the bracket of the Gemini zodiac have some specific personalities. Some of the personalities include creativity, positive mannered and problem solvers. They tend to have solutions to specific problems. That said, here is a quick look at the Gemini tattoo designs in relation to their meanings.

The meaning

This zodiac sign is associated with Hermes, the Greek god. It is also associated with Apollo and Artemis, the twin gods of the Greek. The people belonging to Gemini are known to have specific desires for some flavor in their life. For that matter, the Gemini tattoo designs will be applied to symbolize intelligence, eloquence, sophistication, and joy. They can be applied in different designs and each design will contain a specific meaning, based on the details of the tattoo. There are some that will be used to show a battle or challenge between two conflicting forces. Like water and fire. Others will be used to show similarity or togetherness, like the twin tattoos. Regardless of the design, the tattoos can be very elegant and they are used to depict a strong symbolism.

Ideas for the Gemini tattoo designs

There is no any strict law in the design and applications of these tattoos. Nonetheless, you must have the design or symbol of the Gemini sign or at least the theme of the sign. Here is a look at some of the common ideas and types of the Gemini tattoo designs;

The twins tattoo design

One of the common themes of this tattoo is the twins, which come in different forms. You can either choose the twin fish or the twin sisters. The Gemini fish twin design can look great and you can apply it as a large tattoo or as a smaller design. The color of the fish will range with regard to the choice of the user. They fish can be used as a symbol of the courage and the will of the bearer to achieve their specific goals. They act as a means of inspiration to the bearer of the tattoo and the general public.

The Gemini sisters can also be a great choice, but this will appear perfect when it is presented in a bigger size. They can be used by sisters or best of friends to show their unity and togetherness in whatever they go through. It might also be used by friends that share the same zodiac.

Where can they be placed?

The placement of these tattoos can range in general and it is all about the size and details of that tattoo. What is entailed in the tattoo is what will really determine where the tattoo will be placed. When you have decided on the design of the tattoo, you can choose where to place the Gemini tattoo designs.

  • Smaller tattoos like the glyphs or any small design will fit well on the wrist, on the fingers or behind the ear.
  • The twin tattoos can fit on the back, on the chest area or on the sides. Some ladies choose to place bigger Gemini tattoo designs on the thighs.

Other common areas that can go well with smaller tattoos include the leg, around the ankles, on the knuckles, on the neck, the shoulder blades, and on the feet. For larger tattoos can also look great on the upper arm, especially for men. This is because a guy would have a bigger upper arm. In general, apply large tattoo on areas that have a bigger surface area for them to appear elegant enough.

  • The glyph sign – This is a common symbol of the Gemini and it will take the shape and design of the Roman number, two, II. This is a simple tattoo that can be applied anywhere around the body. It will also look good whether in a smaller size or a bigger one. The glyph can be applied along with other symbols like vines, flowers, stars, or any other symbol or pattern.
  • Tribal Gemini tattoo designs – The tribal effect can be extended to the Gemini tattoo and this will have different meanings all together. It can have the tribal art with the zodiac symbol. For instance, you can have a tribal butterfly that will look amazing with the flame-like wings. This one can be used for the sake of its beauty or it might have its own meaning.
  • D.O.B or Words – You can also have a 3D date of birth, applied as a tattoo. But you will want to ensure that the date falls between the 21st of May to around the 20th of June. When you apply it as a date or birth, anyone would naturally know that you fall under the Gemini bracket. You can also have the name, Gemini customized in different designs.

Colored or plain tattoos?

The tattoos have no limits when it comes to the beauty of the art. You can stretch it to whichever angle you feel like. You may either have it plain or with colors. For the date of birth, the words or the glyph, they would appear better when they are plain, without much color. The twins will also appear perfect in plain ink. Nonetheless, the twin fish, flowers, butterflies or other designs of the Gemini tattoo can be applied with different colors. You can use any type of color that you choose, but most of the Gemini tattoos will take the orange color.

Are they unisex?

Clearly enough, these tattoos are suitable for both genders. They can be applied by men or women. Nonetheless, you will want to ensure that you choose the right tattoo design, with regard to its details. The floral designs, the twin sisters design, and other extra colorful tattoos are more suitable for ladies. The tattoos for men will have less detail and a solid color. You can talk to your tattoo artists before applying the tattoo.

The Designs