Guardian Angel Tattoos

Guardian angel tattoos are very popular designs all over the western world even amongst the non-religious. The guardian angel is an angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person. The guardian angel can be traced back through all antiquity! Here are our top 20 guardian angel tattoos!

Guardian Angel Tattoos

19: Guardian angel with names.

Named Guardian Angel

18: Guardian angel in the clouds.

Guardian Angel Arm Piece

17: Guardian angel tattoo with feathers falling away.

Guardian Angel Feathers

16: One of the more colorful guardian angel tattoos.

Colourful Guardian Angel

15: Large guardian angel back piece.

Large Back Guardain Angel Tattoo

14: Guardian angel 'Nan' piece.

Guardian Angel Arm

13: Guardian angel 'Abigail' piece.

Guardian Angel

12: Large ripped back angel.

žLarge Angel Back Piece

11: Hugely colorful guardian angel arm piece.

Colourful Angel

Guardian Angel Tattoos

10: Walking guardian angel tattoo.

Walking Angel Tattoo

9: Large guardian angel arm piece.

Mother Guardian Angel Tattoo

8: Floating guardian angel tattoo.

Light Guardian Angel

7: Guardian angel with sword and list of names.

Angel and Sword Tattoo

6: One of our favorite guardian angel tattoos is this very lovely piece.

Naked Angel5: Into the top 5 guardian angel tattoos now and in 5th spot is this sexy looking angel design.

Sexy Angel

4: Large kneeling guardian angel design.

Large Bald Angel

3: Another nude angel design, this one draped in the names of those she is protecting.

Nude Angel Tattoo

  2: Angel defeating the enemy, great detail and worthy of its number two spot!

Battling Angel

1: In first place is this amazing design, from the picture it looks as though someone has copied a portrait (possibly wife or girlfriend) and made an angel design from it. Well worthy of its number one spot in our guardian angel tattoos list!

Blue Angel Tattoo