Half Sleeve Tattoos

Half sleeve tattoos are a great compromise for many people who want a sleeve but don’t wish to go the whole way.

When it comes to employment a half sleeve can easily be covered in most cases and so it shouldn’t really cause any issue in this regard. However, a half sleeve is still a big commitment to go through with and so making sure you choose the right design is crucial!

Choosing between black and grey and a colorful tattoo is usually one of the first decisions you will have to make. In most cases the individual will know straight away what they would rather have, however, here are a collection of half sleeve tattoo ideas that could make you change your mind!

Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

As you can see from the above designs, a good black and grey tattoo can look just as good as any colored half sleeve tattoo ideas you may have had! Be sure you are 100% committed and happy with the design you have chosen before going through with it. A mistake of such size will be costly to remove and impossible to cover up!

Here are some steps you should take before you purchase a half sleeve tattoo:

  • Spend time with the artist drawing up the design how YOU want it!
  • Never compromise quality just to save cash!
  • Sleep on the final design for a couple of weeks, make sure you are 100% happy it.

After you have been through this process it’s time to go and get inked! Skipping any of these steps can lead to major issues in the future so never compromise on any of them!

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