How to Save Money on Your Next Tattoo

How to Save money on your next Tattoo

These days, it is very important to be wise when it comes to dealing with money. With the current condition of the international economy, prices of commodities and services are turning more unreasonable in every minute. Still, just because you are saving money, it does not mean that you need to settle for less, especially when it comes to acquiring services that you consider ‘extra’, such as getting a tattoo.. There are several ways to save money on your next tattoo, and at the same time satisfy your artistic cravings.

What You Can Do

There are certain things that you can do in order to get your next tattoo at an affordable price. For instance, you may go about negotiating with an artist at the right time, that is, when they need the work. This can be applicable during the winter months when it is considered as off-peak in tattoo season. This means that tattoo artists are making less during this time. With the holidays coming up and gifts to buy, they may offer coupons, specials, as well as other discounts during these colder months.

You may also want to consider trading of services. For instance, if you offer a specific service in which your tattoo artist may be interested in, such as haircuts, mechanic work, roofing, painting, and many others, you may be able to trade such services for ink. This arrangement, however, needs to be outlined clearly in a contract, so that both of the parties are highly protected. This move is not really rude because it has been an accepted by some professional artists.

At times, you can also explore these artists’ creative freedom. There are wonderful opportunities in which you can take advantage of these moments. For instance, certain artists often get bored in just doing simple stuff. They sometimes flash their works of art and would love to be given a chance to be creative. This means that they may, sometimes, offer huge discounts, as well as free ink time if you are very willing to provide them a space to work on, back or an arm that they can do whatever it is that they want to do it with.

Stay Alert for Opportunities

The most important thing is for you to be alert all of the time. There are some artists who will post ads and bulletins announcing that they are searching for a very willing participant. However, you may also want to initiate the move and ask a local artist if they can provide you with a discount if you are also willing to offer them the opportunity to explore their creative freedom.

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