Irish and Celtic Tattoos

Celtic mythology is hard to trace back in the history books due to the lake of written records. Many people are of Irish decent or have some Irish lineage in their bloodline. That means tattoos that have to do with Celtic or Irish background are becoming more common. There are many symbols that are related to Celtic people. Symbols that have been passed down generations and are still very prevalent in today’s society. It’s very common for people with Irish or Celtic background to get such tattoos or even people that just admire the Irish background.

Besides the cross, the triquetra, is by far he most popular symbol among the Irish people. The original meaning was “triangle”. Now it’s referred to as the Trinity Knot or Celtic Triangle. There are many meanings that have been given to this symbol. Some believe this symbol belongs to the trio moon goddess. She had three phases: waxing, waning and full. Some other meanings that can be associated with the “triangle” are mind, body and soul. There is also past, present and future. As previously stated, there isn’t much written sources for Celtic background, but one thing is certain, this symbol goes back quite far in the Irish heritage. It’d make a great tattoo for anyone looking to represent such a cultural bloodline.

The Celtic cross is a fan favorite tattoo. It’s believed that the St. Patrick formed the first cross. He formed it while bringing Christianity to the Druids. The Druids used to worship a large circular, which St. Patrick took note of and drew up a large cross and a circle through the center of it. Many people who use the Celtic symbol are Christian but there is also a large majority who wear the pendants and get it as a tattoo to represent their Irish culture.

The Shamrock happens to be another popular tattoo and symbol. St. Patick used this symbol the most to teach people the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Due to it’s growth and highly coveted by the Christian faith, it represents abundance, nurturing, fertility, productivity and stability. The Shamrock is said to have mystic powers. When a storm is approaching it’s pedals stand up, warning people of danger coming. The Shamrock is also used as a good luck charm and to help scare of evil.

All of these symbols and ideas are just three of the most popular among the Irish. Tattoos are a wonderful idea to help represent the things that means most to you. For a lot a people it’s showing your history. Where you came from and who you are. It’s about showing what your family is about. Family is a very important among Celtic and Irish. It’s a strong bond that’s made up of both love of beer and bloodline. When you’re looking to get a tattoo to represent either a lineage you respect or one you are a part of these symbols might just be up your alley.