Jesus Tattoo Designs and How To Choose One

Jesus Tattoo Designs and How To Choose One

Although some Christians and religious leaders have been against tattooing, drawing a tattoo of Jesus or anything associated with Him somewhere on your body seems to be acceptable in Christianity. No one has ever condemned Jesus tattoos and tattoos of other things that we associate with Christ. Jesus tattoos are powerful and praising and there are so many varieties of Jesus tattoo designs that you can choose from if you would like to have one as a way of praising Him. This article explores some of the popular designs and serves as a guide to get you started on deciding which design can be best suited for you.

Common Jesus Tattoo Designs

The Lifelike, Agonized Face of Jesus Tattoo

You can choose a tattoo that depicts the face of Jesus bleeding and his eyes showing deep pain, with a crown made of thorns perched on his head. Serving as a reminder to mankind as opposed to sin, this tattoo appears quite heart-rending for many because it symbolizes the pain that man made Christ to undergo. It is one of the most common Jesus tattoo designs for those who believe in the son of God.

A Simple Jesus Word Tattoo

A simple Jesus word tattoo is one of the easiest tattoo designs for Jesus that you can have anywhere on your body. It is just the word ”Jesus” written in a particular style and sometimes with decorations such as patterns or stars around it. However, you can decide to keep it as simple as possible.

Jesus with the Sacred Heart Tattoo Design

Another popular Jesus tattoo design is that with a comprehensive image of Jesus as a bearer of the sacred heart. This tattoo looks quite amazing and is generally ”non-colored”. Despite it being not colored, the detailing still makes it appear quite gorgeous. The tattoo includes a circle of light at the back of Jesus’ head as well as patterns of flower or leaves around the whole image.

The Crucified Form of Christ Tattoo Design

Crucified form of Jesus is another great option when it comes to cool Jesus tattoo designs options that you can choose from. The tattoo is basically an artistic outline of the form of crucified Jesus in black. You can showcase your creativity in the manner in which you make the outline, and portray your message by the image. With this tattoo on your arm or any other visible part of the body, you can expect to earn many appreciative glances.

The Christ as the Shepherd Tattoo Design

Every Christian knows that Jesus was sent to earth with a mission to save mankind from perishing. He came to herd humans into salvation and thus assumed the role of a shepherd to tend to his human flock. The tattoo portraying Christ like a shepherd represents the magnanimity shown to us by him. Detailed, lifelike and magnificent; this tattoo serves as a reminder of God’s grace. You may even emphasize the message by adding lines or quotes from the bible. Due to its large size, it’s often inked upon the broad back instead of the arm or any other part of the body.

The Mary and Jesus Tattoo Design

As said earlier, there are so many incredible Jesus tattoo designs ideas. A tattoo of Mary carrying her son Jesus is another incredible work of art that you can have on your body. It signifies the love between mother and son as well as the holiness of this relation. This tattoo just looks amazing and can be inked anywhere on the body whether it be your back, arm or leg.

A Crowned Image of Jesus Tattoo Design

We all know that Christ came to bring us salvation and because of this, many Christians perceive him as a king. A tattoo of a crowned Jesus face, with his sacred heart glowing perfectly depicts Jesus as the king he deserves to be. This is another common yet spectacular tattoo design that you can have anywhere on your body.

Choosing a Suitable Jesus Tattoo Design

As you can see, there is a wide variety of Jesus tattoo designs and sometimes it is easy to get torn between multiple options. However, if you read this last bit of this guide, you will know where to start when it comes to deciding which tattoo design is best suited for you;

Decide On Size

Deciding on size largely depends on just how devoted to Jesus you are. If you have given your entire life and body to Him, you can comfortably spare a large section of your body for the tattoo. But if you prefer something a little more discrete, perhaps in a spot which can only be noticed when you remove your shirt, you can choose a small sized design.

Decide Where You Want the Tattoo

Where you want your tattoo inked will also have a significant impact on the design. If you want a tattoo on a spot that you show often, you should choose a tattoo design that is less detailed and requires a only a little space. Take into account how likely it will be that you will want to cover the area where your tattoo is to be drawn with clothing. For instance, if you are female, will you feel comfortable wearing evening wear like a backless dress if you have a tattoo on your back? There are some Jesus tattoo designs that take up a lot of space on the body. These are usually intended for the less visible spots such as the back and not arm or leg. If you want to get a tattoo on your arm or leg, such designs may not be ideal for you.

Where Is the Emphasis?

You can choose to place more emphasis in the tattoo either on Jesus or things that are associated with him such as the cross. Some tattoo designs of Jesus place more emphasis on him whereas others mostly highlight other things that are associated with him such as the cross or crown of thorns. So when it comes to selecting the most suitable design for you, this is also a crucial consideration to take into account. It is one that requires thought too.

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