Knuckle Tattoo Ideas You Will Want To Consider

Knuckle Tattoo Ideas You Will Want To Consider

As tattoos are still taking the world by storm as people are defining more interesting ways of applying them. Of all the places one can put a tattoo; the knuckle seems to interest a great population of tattoo enthusiasts.  Fortunately, the lack of space does not mean that their are not enough knuckle tattoo ideas to go around!

Knuckle tattoos are tattoos that are made on ones knuckles. This type of popular tattoo is preferred because they can be easily displayed as they are not hidden. It is one of the best ways to communicate your thoughts to the public.

Knuckle tattoos are quite different from the other type of tattoos basically because the skin at the knuckles is different from the other body skin. This type of tattoo requires special skill and care to make it visually appealing.

Best Knuckle Tattoo Ideas? Get To Know Some Here

There are quite a number of great knuckle tattoo ideas for you to choose. Most of them are dark, instead of Butterflies and flowers.  Below are examples of some of the popular tattoos that you can help you decide what to put as your tattoo.

  • KICK DRUM – this is the tattoo on the UK techno’s enfant Blawan’s knuckles. It is his style of advertising the contents of his records. When searching for tattoo knuckle ideas use your passion as a clue.
  • GOOD NITE – a soft touch to this is what you’ll be wishing for your pals. You notice the last part is shortened instead of using the correct word but still represents the thought well. The idea is to have words having four letters so as to fit the knuckle perfectly.
  • LOVE HATE – this knuckle tattoo idea was first seen on a psycho preacher. It can be used to symbolize the true nature of the human heart, as much as love exists hate also does.
  • BORN POET – this tattoo is a good idea for those who know they are poets and are proud of it.
  • DIE ALONE – this is a mere thought which expresses the true fact that every human from the rich to the poor, dies alone.
  • SELF MADE – you can apply this tattoo, if you had a crazy life which you had to work your way through hardship to finally succeeding. It actually means you are who you are because of your hard work.
  • Dripping THUG LIFE tattoo – this tattoo is made to appear like its dripping. These are the famous words coined by the hip hop rapper Tupac Shakur.
  • VITA MORS (Latin words) – vita mors are words inLatin that mean life and death respectively, the only certainties in this world.
  • LIVE LIFE – this knuckle tattoo idea can be used to encourage and urge people in your life circle to live life to the fullest.
  • STAY TRUE – a motivational tattoo idea for your knuckle. It encourages people to remain true to themselves no matter they face as challenges.
  • Card player tattoo – this type of tattoo is quite common among poker card lovers and gamblers. The card symbols are made each on a single finger. To add zeal to this tattoo you shade one half to represent the 50-50 luck involved in playing poker.
  • PATIENCE – we all know that patience pays a virtue that is not practiced by many. The wearer of this knuckle tattoo understands the sweet fruits of being patient in life.

Knuckle Tattoo Facts You should Know

Thinking of how much interesting knuckle tattoos are, you might be considering getting one for yourself. If it’s your first tattoo, here are some of the facts from several professional tattoo artists you should know.

  • It’s definitely painful –What you have never known is that your fingers have a lot of nerves and the skin lies directly on the knuckle bone. If you could feel your knuckles you will notice that it has no fat or muscle cushioning it. Without a doubt, knuckle tattoos hurt more than the other body location. More people choose knuckle tattoo to display important message the pain adds to the thrill.
  • Knuckle Tattoos fade faster –It is noted that the skin on your knuckles takes the ink differently than the other parts. The hands are most active part of our body this is why the tattoos fade so fast. If you are considering a finger tattoo you should then get used to the idea of retouching your tattoo on a regular basis.
  • Knuckle tattoos aren’t done to perfection –It is highly advisable that you do not insist so much when it comes to knuckle tattoos. Through experience, tattoos specialists say that due to the complicated nature of the knuckle skin colors won’t appear as bright, black doesn’t appear dark as expected and lines appear fuzzy. If your tattoo design is more complex with many details it is advised that you find a different place to put it than your fingers. Knuckle tattoos need to be small and simple enough to be done easily.
  • Give your tattoo best care possible –Before you go forth and get a knuckle tattoo you ought to consider your normal daily routine. If you are a boxer you definitely need to choose a perfect time to get such a tattoo, maybe after you retire, or if you can get enough time to heal before you resume your training. The first rule is to keep the hands very clean; you ought to know fresh tattoos can also get infections so keep them healthy and disinfected at all times.
  • Commitment to maintenance – As earlier stated, knuckle tattoos fade a bit faster, so if you are serious of having one you should be committed maintaining it. Don’t let your tattoo fade away in no time, keep it looking good at all time. Apparently with knuckle tattoos it is easy to notice when it is time to do a retouch.

Knuckle tattoos are very interesting no doubt; if you seek services from an experienced professional tattoo artist you get service for your money, he should also have more knuckle tattoo ideas that you can choose from.