Kokopelli Tattoo

Moon and Star Kokopelli Tattoo
Angelic Kokopelli design, medium size tattoo on shoulder.

The Kokopelli symbol has a history behind it, as do most tattoos. Native Americans were and still are deeply spiritual people. They’ve always been best at communicating not just through history but also through their thoughts, ideas and dreams. They use many symbols and different signs, one of which happens to be the Kokopelli.

Kokopelli Tattoo Meanings

Kokopelli is a fertility deity of some Southwest Native American cultures. It’s usual shown hunched over and dancing while playing a flute. It also has large antlers or horns on it’s head. Antlers or horns are usually a sign of power among the Native American people. The symbol is a sign of spreading joy. The hunch of his back represents the sack that he carried the seeds of harvest in, the songs he played and the beautiful rainbows he would spread.

Many of these tattoos are to show a renewal or a new phase in one’s life. Combining this image with another element is quite common when it comes to tattoos. Designing your own Kokopelli tattoo is the hard part and trying to make it your own.

Kokopelli Tattoo Variations

The shading can be simple or complex. Most people prefer to keep it very original and to stick with the basics. Using a black fill color and keeping the shape and form all the same. Others like to take and make some noticeable changes to it.

Most traditional tattoos are shown bent over playing the flute. Some people prefer to change it and show him standing up with the flute pointed towards the sky. The colors can be changed to. He can be filled in with your favorite color or can be made into a rainbow color depicting numerous joyful emotions.

Some people have replaced the flute with a instrument of their choice. It can range anywhere from a trumpet to a guitar. Many Kokopelli tattoos have backdrops behind them. These backgrounds could be mountains, stars, sun, moon, rivers or anything that you can think of. Each background has it’s own specific meaning to each person and the great thing about tattoos are no two are the same. At least no two should be the same. It’s not yours if you copy it.

Some people ask is it disrespectful to get a Kokopelli tattoo. The answer is hard to explain but in short, maybe. If you’re putting the tattoo on yourself as a sign of respect and that you believe in what the symbol stands for then you’re probably okay. If you’re looking to get it just because it looks cool or some vulgar reason having to do with fertility then you might want to find something else to tattoo on yourself.

At the end of the day it’s your body and you’re paying your tattoo artist to get what you want. Just take into consideration the history behind the tattoo and meanings for which it stands for. If those sit well with you and you’ve done your research then feel free to go about getting whatever design, placement and color scheme you see fit.

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