Lego Tattoo – Top 20

Lego tattoo designs have become fairly popular in recent years for various reasons. Since the Danish Lego company started making plastic bricks back in 1949 they have seen their empire expand to all sorts of different areas including theme parks, video games and of course movies.

Many characters across TV, movies and video games have now been transformed into Lego characters, here are 20 of our favorite Lego character designs, which include the infamous Lego batman tattoo:


20: Old school Lego Batman ready for battle.

Lego Tattoo

19: Simple Lego Village People tattoo design.

Lego Village People Tattoo

18: Boba Fett from the Star Wars movies.

Star Wars Lego Tattoo

17: Bob Ross teaching you how to paint.

Bob Ross Lego Tattoo

16: Star Wars characters, unfortunately this one looks unfinished, hopefully we’ll be able to get the finished design for you.

Star Wars Lego Characters

15: Lego diver looking for treasure.

Lego Diver Tattoo

14: Lego Ghostbusters fighting the Marshmallow Man….’don’t cross the streams!’

Ghostbusters Lego Design

13: Large Star Wars Lego back piece.

Star Wars Full Back Piece

12: Darth Vader cutting out the skin to reveal more Lego.

Darth Vader Lego Tattoo

11: Double Star Wars Lego design featuring Hans Solo and a Storm Trooper.

Star Wars Lego Dual Arms

Lego Tattoo – Top 20

10: Cool purple Pirate Lego design.

Lego Pirate Tattoo

9: Cool Superman Lego design.

Superman Lego Tattoo

8: Very unique Lego plumber design.

Lego Plumber Tattoo

7: Indiana Jones ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ Lego design.

Indiana Jones Lego Tattoo

6: Another very cool design, this one a Lego dentist looking into the mouth.

Lego Dentist Tattoo

5: In 5th place on our list is this Lego Batman stood on top of a building.

Batman Lego Tattoo Design

4: Very cool Lego Snowboarder tattoo with great background coloring.

Snowboarding Lego Tattoo

3: Flying Lego Ironman tattoo.

Ironman Lego Tattoo

2: In 2nd place is this amazing Lego Thor design copied from the Thor movie.

Thor Lego Tattoo

1: Our number one Lego tattoo is this huge Star Wars design featuring 3 Lego Star Wars characters.

Amazing Star Wars Lego Tattoo