Lion King Tattoos

Lion King, also known as Simba, is Disney’s famous character in Walt Disney history. The character is depicted as fun loving and adventurous who makes mistakes but keeps learning from them. Simba believes in the philosophy of Hakuna Matata which ideally means ‘no worries’ in African Swahili.

The story is developed on a setting where Lion King loses his kingdom to a wicked uncle and he tries to win it back through honesty and bravery, hence portraying him as a real king to the people. If you’ve been wondering which animated movie tattoos to try, then Disney’s Lion King Tattoo can be a perfect start for you.

Do Lion King Tattoos Have Any Meaning?

While majority of tattoos feature images and symbols expressing a certain meaning, some are just simple characters and texts that are easy to understand. Typically, a Simba tattoo symbolizes boldness and bravery as expressed in Lion King Story. You can choose to endorse the image with a quote that matches the theme. One of the famous quotes by Simba that can be appropriate to use in tattoo is “Never Forget Who You Are’.

This particularly means you cannot change yourself for others neither can you change your past, no matter what and so you just have to accept and move on. So as you can see, Lion King Tattoos can have an even deeper meaning than just looking good on the skin, making it a perfect choice for drawing on any part of your body.

What Lion King Tattoo Designs Can Look Great On Your Skin?

Each one of us knows very well that lion is king of the jungle and whenever we think of that, the Simba character from Disney’s Lion King can’t definitely be ignored. Being one of the best characters ever produced by Walt Disney, there are myriad of Simba images you might find ideal for tattooing. You can choose a 2-dimensional Simba tattoo or 3D tattoo with greater detailing.

If you’ve watched the Lion King Animation film closely, you’ll realize its 3D effects are excellent, reaching the unexpected level compared to the hand-drawn animation of the original film. As a cub, Simba is free-minded and naughty, while as a young star he is very passionate but when he reaches adulthood, he challenges his cruel uncle and regains his throne with bravery, intelligence and honesty.

The artistry of the film raises Lion King above the level of kid’s stuff going beyond the realm of royal treat. Lion King can rule the jungle but you can also let it rule your skin.

The Cost Putting On a Lion King Tattoo

Experienced tattoo artists in various towns can perfectly do an animation tattoo to your very satisfaction. But the most worrying factor is the cost of tattooing. While there’s a standard cost for drawing certain tattoo designs, a major determinant of the cost of each tattoo is the size and the level of detail required to finish the tattoo. For instance, a 3D Simba tattoo covering the entire back can be far much costly than a simple 2D on the wrist or chest. But from the myriad of designs inspired by the Lion King animated film, you can never miss to find a perfect tattoo that matches your skin type to put express your bravery through the ink.

Tattoo artist near you

If you really fancy Lion King Images from the Disney film, then you can show much love for Simba by having one of his images drawn on your skin. If you’ve never watched the film, you should not feel any offence having one of the tattoo drawn on you. But for a more meaningful tattoo accompanied by quotes derived from the animation, be sure to watch the movie. There are a variety of characters and scenes in the movie but Simba comes out as an epitome of success. Hence, the reason why he is the most celebrated character even among animated movie tattoo lovers.

Since tattoo artists are flexible to work with any image, you can propose how exactly you want simba to appear on your arm, chest, and wrist or back as a gift for your birthday. Always go for experienced tattoo artists because they’ll include the exact features you request on your tattoo, charge you less costly for the service, hence giving you much more value to your skin.

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