Los Angeles Dodgers Tattoos

Los Angeles Dodgers Tattoos
Crazy and Artistic LA Dodgers design, large size tattoo, on the arm.

Some tattoos make sense and other times they don’t make any sense. This is one of those times that they don’t make any sense at all. Getting a tattoo of a baseball team. It just doesn’t comprehend with me. I get sports, I really do. I love the Steelers. I also love the Knicks. I love the Angels. But never in my wildest dreams would I think about getting a tattoo on myself of any one of those names.

It blows my mind when I see someone get a “champion” tattoo of a certain team. Like “superbowl” champions of whatever year for whatever team. More times then not that team never makes it to the superbowl and if they do they end up losing. Why even take the chance of that happening. Save yourself some trouble and humiliation and don’t get the tattoo.

I’m not saying don’t get tattoos, just don’t get these tattoos. Get something worthwhile and meaningful. The only exception that I can think of with a sports branded tattoo is that you and your dad or grandfather went to every single game as a kid. That’s how your relationship was and that’s how you want to remember him.

Maybe it’s the most important part of your life and made you into the person that you are today. It’s the little things in life that make us who we are and maybe that little thing was going to baseball or football games. If that’s the case it’s completely understandable and it has a heartfelt meaning behind it. If it’s just you trying to represent your team because…well it’s your team. Don’t get the tattoo. Move on to something else or try a different avenue when it comes to the ink.

Maybe get your team incorporated into some other tattoo that has some more significance behind it. If you’re just one of those people that is dead set on a sports tattoo then go for it. Maybe you played sports your entire life. That’s what you did in middle school, high school and college. It’s all you’ve ever known and maybe it just wasn’t meant for you to go pro.

So you live out those glory days by getting a tattoo inked on your skin of a old college team. The same team that you ran the field with and shared memories with. That is a completely acceptable and understandable reason to get a tattoo.

The moral of the story is think before ink. Don’t waste an absorbent amount of money and an even longer lifespan getting something that you’ll regret. Sure if your team wins some sort of championship you’ll have bragging rights for a couple weeks but how often do you see that happening? Probably not very often. Weigh every option and use your best judgement when getting a tattoo, especially of a team and somewhere that happens to be visible on your body.

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