Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoo

Though men were the major recipients of tattoos in the Western world history, the practice of tattooing became an increasingly popular culture among women in the early 1900’s. Till today, women have been tattooing themselves in different positions on their body just to enhance their look. For modern day women, putting a tattoo on the body is just like wearing a permanent ornament that will somehow enhance the beauty permanently. And lower back tattoos are just one of the hottest and stylish tattoos if done precisely for the women. With low-rise jeans and crop tops entering the market, lower-back tattoos became a popular choice among many women because it was the only way to attract men’s attention by exposing one of the body’s sexiest parts. So if you’ve been wondering where exactly on your body to tattoo, perhaps the lower-back tattoo might just be a perfect idea for you.

Lower Back Tattoo Meanings

A woman’s lower back is often seen as an erotic part of the body and so majority of lower-back tattoos are largely associated with sexuality. And since this is a sensual area of your body, you might want to grab men’s attention by putting a sexy tattoo there. The tattoo design you’ll choose will depend on your personal preference and the specific message you want to send across. So if you’ve never tried tattoos before, the lower back tattoo can be a perfect start for a series of tattoos.

Reasons Why Lower Back Tattoos Are the Best for Women?

-Big and wider space: The lower back is ideal for having a definitely large tattoo done on it. But that does not necessarily mean the tattoo should be large; you’re free to choose an appealing design and size of tattoo. Even girls with small heights have a wider and smoother expanse that’s suitable for tattooing. Hence, that makes it the most ideal part of the body for a tattoo.

-No Bumps or Bony Areas: The lower back is one of the smoothest parts of the body, making it ideal for putting an image with ink. Compared to tattoos on other parts of the body, a lower back tattoo is easier to put on and can be definitely be shown off by simply wearing a shorter top.

-They age well: A standard tattoo on the body ages as your skin changes but the lower back is a part of the body which does not transform easily with age hence a tattoo can grasp its figure and color for a considerably longer period of time.

– Can be easily shown-off and veiled: If you’re a working woman, a lower back tattoo can be a perfect tattoo for you because it can be veiled by wearing a piece of clothing. The lower back-tattoo also gives you the convenience of flashing it when and where you see fit, and that can perfectly go with nay clothing style.

Lower Back Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoos aren’t much fun to put on the body, but among women the lower back tattoo tops the list of the sexiest tattoos. It’s not only regarded as the epitome of femininity but also goes farther in adding the oomph factor in a woman. When it comes to lower-back tattoo designs, what stands between you and your sexy tattoo is your level of imagination. Ideally, there are plenty of tattoo designs that can be fit for the lower back. You can get a portrait of a person on your lower back, tribal themes, images of your favourite animals, as well as flourishing themes. You can find inspiration from already existing designs or can even take time to explore some of the fantasy characters you fancy on movie films or images of pets. Whatever the case, you can have the image tattooed to your very taste with the appropriate size and color incorporated.

Are Lower Back Tattoos Expensive?

Because of the nature of a woman’s lower back, any tattoo drawn on this region can be made to stay longer. This means every woman would strive to have a quality and sexy tattoo that will last long enough to enhance the body’s beauty and draw more attention to the waistline. The cost of getting any tattoo will largely depend on the size and the amount of detail required to complete it. If you want a simple logo tattoo, a creative tribal image or a sexy animal or insect tattoo, then you won’t spend much enough to run bankrupt. The cost might only vary slightly whenever the tattoo requires much detailing or its size stretching from the lower back to the upper back.