Great Loyalty Tattoo Designs to Consider

No matter how you look at it, getting a tattoo is something only the brave can do, even if they choose spectacular loyalty tattoo designs. There are two main reasons why only the most daring of people get tattoos:

  1. Tattoos tend to come with a certain stigma attached to them
  2. The pain of getting one is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Regardless of the design chosen, ‘outsiders’ tend to think that people who have tattoos are somewhat outliers of the society. There was a time when tattoos where shunned and a preserve of rebels and the outspoken in our society. That sort of stigma has never really completely disappeared. Today, however, tattoos have attained the level of respect and admiration that enthusiasts always knew this art form deserved. That is why you find so many different tattoo designs, such as loyalty tattoo designs and so on, have become mainstream.

Everyone is trying to get one. Either to pass a message across; for sentimental reasons or just to look cool. No matter the reason, tattoos are finally as cool as we always knew they were.

What loyalty tattoo designs signify?

It is true that tattoos mean a host of things to different people. It is also true that every single person who gets a tattoo does so for a reason. For example, people who belong to the same team, say like the Marines, have tattoos that tell the whole world about it. However, they do not wear these tattoos to advertise the fact that they are Marines, they were them as a sign of loyalty and pride in their brothers and sisters as well as their collective course.

Everybody has a reason for getting a tattoo. What you need to know is that, despite advances in laser surgery, tattoos are still incredibly difficult to erase. So if you are going to be getting a tattoo, make it something that you will be proud to show the world.  You might not be able to get the Super Mario Brothers off of your forehead when you have grandchildren!

Let it be something that shows your integrity, style, taste and particular personality. People who go for any of the loyalty tattoo designs are people who have a certain degree of integrity and of course, loyalty. It doesn’t matter what it is they are being loyal to, all that matters is that they are willing to declare to the whole world that they stand for and with that which they are being loyal to. That alone takes an unbelievable amount of courage. In a world where most people are just happy to blend in, finding someone who is willing to publicly and openly declare the loyalty towards something is a rare trait.

How to choose between different loyalty tattoo designs

Tattoo design choice is all about personal taste, convictions and the kind of pain you can endure. There are some tattoos that, even though they look amazing on paper, are excruciatingly painful to wear. Many of these intricate designs take hours to draw on and require a great deal of perseverance from the choosing individual.

Unfortunately, many of these tattoos tend to make up the list of ‘best loyalty tattoo designs’. However, that does not mean that there aren’t any simple designs that can signify loyalty as well. Of course, the design can be as simple and as straight forward as you wish it to be, or it can be as complicated and as intricate as you desire. It is all up to you and the ability of your tattoo artist.

  • Your conviction: The kind of conviction and belief you have should be your guiding light as to where you will have the tattoo placed. Of course, you also must bear in mind that there are regions of the body where it is less painful to place a tattoo than others.
  • Your profession: Although most people do not like to admit it, even to themselves, what you do for a living greatly determines how elaborate and visible your tattoo will be. There are place on your body that you can have a tattoo inked and no one will be none-the-wiser.
  • Your spirit: This has a great impact on how elaborate and intricate the chosen tattoo design will be. Most people do not have the flare or audacity to go for really ‘loud’ tattoos. But then of course, sometimes it is not about audacity or flare, it is about taste and the kind of conviction you have. Maybe this tattoo is a symbol for something that has great sentimental value to your personal life. And as such, you only inked it to remind keep that message alive within yourself, it is therefore not for show. These kind of tattoos tend to take a more subtle approach and design. They are like little whispers that only the wearer can hear.
  • Your taste: This is perhaps the biggest influencer on this list. Your particular taste and style has a lot to say about the kind of loyalty tattoo design you pick. This is where personality traits come into play. Surprisingly enough, people who are more timid in nature are the ones who tend to choose very loud tattoo designs. In many cases, it is their own way of protesting against their very nature. As we mentioned before, tattoos signify very many different things to different people.

Before you choose a loyalty tattoo design to etch on your body, you have to be sure that this is something you want. You need to be sure that you will be true to the meaning for as long as the tattoo remains. This is where most people go wrong, they get tattoos on a whim and then end up regretting it soon after. But by then, it is too late. So they are either stuck with a tattoo that they no longer want or they have to find new designs to cover the old ones. Loyalty is something that should and can withstand anything thrown at it. That is why the bravest souls etch it on their skins. It is a symbol of their undying loyalty to whatever personal subject they are addressing.

If you think about it, choosing between any loyalty tattoo designs is a rather beautiful gesture!