Map Tattoos

Twin Globe World Map Tattoo
Magnificent world map design, large size tattoo on the back.

Map tattoos can come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. Some people get them from their travels throughout their lives. Others get their bodies inked with maps or some form of travel because that’s what they love to do. They want to travel and see the world. These people aren’t happy with being stationary. They need adventure in their lives and there’s no better adventure then travel through different cultures.

Tattoos are more relevant now and not as frowned upon which makes more and more people get them. Some people could even be geologists or teachers. Showing what they do for a living and having it inked on to their skin. If you do what you love why not show it off.

One tattoo idea that I came across was a tattoo of a map on this man’s back. It started off by just an outline of each country. Once he traveled to that country it was colored in. A unique and fun idea for someone who is quite serious about their travels.

Alternative Map Tattoos

Some tattoos just don’t have to be just map related to be traveling tattoos. There could be a small tattoo of an airplane. Maybe you’re a pilot or a stewardess. Wanderlust is a good word to get if you’re full of adventure. Wanderlust literally means, a strong desire to travel.

If you’re not looking for something completely out of the ordinary and a tattoo that not many people would have, get coordinates. Yes, longitude and latitude These coordinates could mean anything to you.

No one person is going to be the same as it should be with any tattoo that you get. The coordinates could be where your home is located or a place you traveled that had an impact on your life. Tattoos can be as unique as passport stamps or even a compass.

Compass Tattoos

The compass tattoo is probably by far the most popular beside the actual tattoo of maps. The compass has a little more history behind it then the maps do. Map tattoos are pretty self explanatory and are unique to each individual. Compass tattoos originally started with sailors. They believed getting a tattoo would protect you on rough waters and would return you home safely.

Compass tattoos can come in many various styles that include star compass, lodestone compass, vegvisir compass and prismatic compass. These compass tattoos stand for guidance, direction and finding a way home.

As the old saying goes, we always return home. Sometimes it takes years and even decades but it seems for the most part we always venture back home. Tattoos and maps help represents dreams and journeys.

It is symbolic of staying your course in life and to not give up no matter how rough things may seem. The waters can sometimes become rough and hard to see in but the compass and map will guide you where you need to be. Keep moving forward and continuing on your journey.