Some Classy Marilyn Monroe Tattoos

Fifty years since Marilyn Monroe’s death, her work as an actress and model still rules people’s minds. Clearly, she was the symbol of beauty, glamour, elegance and sexual appeal. Her name and legacy continue not only because of her movies and memoirs but because of her inked images on the skins of her diehard fans. And it will not pain you to put one on your body whether you followed through her movies or just read about her. Having a Marilyn Monroe tattoo will not only look great on your skin but will go a long way in appreciating the outstanding work of this actress. It can also be one of the ways of going back to the nostalgic era of the 50’s and 60’s that’s breath-taking.

Who Are Marilyn Monroe Tattoos Meant For?

Since Marilyn Monroe is an icon celebrated by many especially for playing ‘dumb blonde’ characters in movies, both men and women can put the tattoo of the icon on their body. Moreover, the tattoos can be worn by people across all ages, so long as it puts forth the desired meaning. Whether you were there during the time when Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of success in the acting and modelling industry or was born right after her death in early 60’s or have only ready about her on the internet, you still have the right to have her tattoo on your body. If you’re a woman, then drawing a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on your skin, arm or back can symbolize your femininity, beauty, glamour and elegance. And what better way can it be to remember Marilyn than an inked image of her on your skin?

Which Part Of The Body Can A Marilyn Monroe Best Be Placed?

Marilyn Monroe tattoos can placed on any part of the body. What matters is the design and size of the tattoo. If you’re considering a huge tattoo, then you need to place it in a position where it will perfectly fit. You can choose to put one of her amazing images on your forearm, upper sleeve of the arm, the back, the stomach, the shoulder, the chest or thighs. Ideally, you can place it on any part of the body, so long as it’s meaningful to you or is conspicuous enough to elevate your look or style.  Most people like to place these tattoos in the most attractive places a girl can get a tattoo.

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Design Ideas

If you want Marilyn Monroe’s candid images captured from portraits and other scenes in the movies, then there are plenty of designs to choose from. You can choose to have a gorgeous tattoo depicting Marilyn Monroe as the goddess of sex symbol and desire or choose to go for an image of her appealing poses with sexy eyes and natural pouted lips. Moreover, the choice is yours to make on the type of ink that should be used to color the tattoo. While a colored image can present a beautiful tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, use of black ink with a small portion of colored ink can result in a vintage and almost real image of the model.

You are also free to choose whether to put on a 2 dimensional tattoo or a 3D tattoo. While a 2D Marilyn Monroe tattoo can be simple, clear and good looking, majority of fans prefer a 3D and more realistic image tattoo. And thanks to the current experienced tattoo artists because of their ability to deliver quality in 3D that’s more satisfactory. You can also add a flower below the tattoo or have it accompanied by a famous quote by Marilyn Monroe. It’s upon you to customize the tattoo to appear interesting so long as you remain keen not to overdo it.

Is Drawing A Marilyn Monroe Drawn On Your Body Costly?

Most of us would want the image of Marilyn Monroe to be drawn on the skin the exact way it appears on a portrait, movie or magazine. But the worrying factor might be the cost. In majority of cases, a tattoo’s cost will largely depend on its design and size. For instance a 3D Marilyn Monroe tattoo covering the entire back can be more costly than a simple tattoo drawn on the thigh or arm. Ideally, 3D tattoos tend to be more expensive because of a larger amount of detailing required, particularly the shading. But that should not scare you because you can talk to you artist to lower the cost when working on a given design on your body.


15: Iconic image of Marilyn Monroe holding down her white dress as it lifts up in the wind.

Marilyn Monroe Tattoos

14: Nicely colored Marilyn Monroe design.

MM Red and White

13: Marilyn Monroe with a pearl necklace in her mouth.

Marrily Monroe Tattoos

12: Stunning design of Marilyn Monroe with beautiful bright red lips.

Marilyn Monroe Red Lips

11: Large Marilyn Monroe arm-piece with roses and stars.

Marilyn Roses

Marilyn Monroe Tattoos

10: 10th on our Marilyn Monroe tattoos list is this great piece with Marilyn wearing glasses.

Marily Monroe Glasses Tattoo

9: Another lovely non-colored Marilyn  Monroe tattoo.

Shaded Marilyn Monroe

8: 3D version of the Marilyn Monroe wearing that iconic white dress.

MM Skirt

7: Large colorful Marilyn Monroe laughing piece.

MM Laughing

6: Totally different design here, Marilyn holding a glass which reveals her skull through it.

Marilyn Skull

5: In 5th spot on our Marilyn Monroe tattoos list is this beautiful smoking piece.

Marilyn Monroe Smoking

4: Another smoking design, this one very different from any others we have seen.

Dead Monroe

3: Another great Marilyn Monroe red lips design takes third spot.

Marilyn Monroe Portrait

2: Huge Marilyn Monroe colorful back-piece! Quite a lot going on in this design and we love it!

Colourful Marilyn Monroe

1: In first place on our Marilyn Monroe tattoos list is this absolutely stunning design of Marilyn lying on the bed! I think you will all agree it’s fantastic!

Marilyn Monroe Bed