Matching Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoo ideas generally come in two different styles, lovely or ridiculous! Many loving couples (or sometimes friends) often get matching tattoos or tattoo designs that require both partners to be there in order to see the full design.

Some of these tattoo designs can be truly heart warming, while others can sometimes look a bit silly if not done properly. Here are 25 of our favorite couple tattoo ideas, bear in mind some of these are pretty silly!

25: Simple heart design, while it looks good when the hands are together…it must look pretty silly when they are not!

Couple Tattoo Ideas

24: A very popular tattoo for couples, Mickey and Minnie mouse, this one is very simple.

Mickey Couple Tattoo

23: Simple but effective ‘I love’ tattoo design.

I Love Couple Tattoo

22: Simple infinity tattoos.

Infinity Couple Tattoo

21: Well we did say some of these tattoos were silly! We actually really like this one!

Silly Couple Tattoo

20: In 20th place on our ‘Couple Tattoo Ideas’ list is this lip design!

Lips Couple Tattoo

19: Another silly one but also very effective!

Fruit Couple Tattoo

18: This Buzz Lightyear quote seems to be very popular among couples tattoos. Here is one of the better ones, although we’re not sure why they had different fonts!

To Inifnity Couple Tattoo

17: Everyone loves Star Wars!

Light Saber Couple Tattoo

16: Simple stick-man style design.

Stick People Couple Tattoo

15: In 15th place on our ‘Couple Tattoo Ideas’ list is this Mickey and Minnie kissing design.

Mickey Mouse Couple Tattoo

14: Another very simple but effective design, this time a rocket-ship and planet.

Rocket Couple Tattoo

Couple Tattoo Ideas

13: Another simple but highly effective idea, the Salt and Pepper shakers!

Salt Pepper Couple Ideas

12: Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man.

PacMan Couple Tattoo

11: Hugely popular with couples is this key and heart design, this is one of the better ones.

Heart and Key Couple Tattoo

10: Our last Mickey and Minnie on the Couple Tattoo Ideas list, this highly detailed one is our favorite!

Mouse Couple Tattoo

9: Love heart idea, bracelet and arm-band.

Heart Bracelet Couple Tattoo

8: OK, so this is kind of sick, but it is also very effective! Flesh puzzle piece removed and stitched onto parter.

Puzzle Couple Tattoo

7: Our favorite key and heart design, this one has great detail and looks lovely!

Heart and Key Couple Tattoo

6: Another case of simple yet effective, lovely owl and tree design.

Owl Couple Tattoo

5: In 5th place on our ‘Couple Tattoo Ideas’ list is this birdcage and birds design!

Bird Cage Couple Tattoo

4: Tea cup and tea bag design!

Tea Cup Couple Tattoo

3: Peter Pan and Tinkerbell design takes our third spot!

Peter Pan Couple Tattoo

2: Cute love-birds design takes our second spot!

Love Birds Couple Tattoo

1: In first place on our ‘Couple Tattoo Ideas’ list is this beautiful boy and girl string cup design!

Cup Phone Couple Tattoo