The Top Memorial Tattoo Designs We Could Find

The Top Memorial Tattoo Designs We Could Find

When you lose someone you love and care about, it’s not often that easy to come to the reality from the shocking slap life has given you. It certainly becomes a disturbing fact that you’ll never see that person again. But since there’s nothing you can do about it, you can only wear a permanent marker to serve as salient visual reminder of your loss and bereavement. Memorial tattoo designs are just one of the best ways to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away.

Dating back to the 20th century, memorial tattooing tradition was introduced by American soldiers in order to remember their fallen comrades during war. Since then, they have been embraced by majority of people who have lost their dear ones in life. The lost one can be a parent, soul mate, best friend, child or any other person you value most.

What Are The Elements Of A Memorial Tattoo?

Memorial tattoo designs are not only meaningful to the wearer by they tend to be deeply emotional too. That’s why it is necessary to include some elements when you are in need of a memorial sporting tattoo to make it more meaningful. Primary elements of a memorial tattoo include the person’s name, dates of birth and death and his/her portrait. You might include other symbolic things like birthstone, zodiac signs and favorite pets or objects of the diseased. Some of these elements can be combined to form one tattoo or you can decide to simply use image or text only. If you’ve lost a pet that you loved most, then you can as well get a memorial tattoo to commemorate its life.

Memorial Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Memorial tattoo designs are one of the simplest and most direct way through which you can honor your loved ones who have passed. But it should be clear that not everyone puts on the same design of memorial tattoos. This means that you’re free to choose the elements to include in your tattoo, so long as it remains meaningful to you and the people around.

You can choose to put on simple text indicating names and dates of birth and death or can go further to add a portrait of the diseased and an inspirational quote below it. A memorial tattoo can be drawn based on your specifications but if you’re looking for more ideas, you can consult your local tattoo artist and look at the available samples of memorial tattoos.

Which Parts Of The Body Are Ideal For Putting On A Memorial Tattoo?

When it comes to determining which part of the body to put a tattoo, you first have to examine the design and size of the tattoo you want. And just like other types of tattoos, a memorial tattoo should be placed where it can be visible so as to display the desired meaning. For instance, a simple tattoo involving only text and a tiny image can perfectly fit on the wrist, the upper sleeve of the arm, upper back or foot.

If you’re considering a larger image or long text on the body, then the back can be an ideal place because of the huge space available. You can always make adjustments to your tattoo design to ensure it exactly fits where you desire it to be.

Are Memorial Tattoos Expensive To Put On?

The fact that memorial tattoos are more inclined to meaning of image or text rather than looking good does not make them more expensive nor cheaper. Major aspects that dictate the cost of a memorial tattoo are its design and size. For instance, a 3D tattoo image with text inscribed below it can cost far much more than a simple text tattoo on the wrist or 2D image with minimal text on the arm.

Ideally, the cost of a tattoo is directly proportional to the amount of work done by the tattooist. 3D tattoos, are particularly more expensive compared to 2D deigns because of the amount of time spent in shading and other finer details to ensure the images in question appear real. Moreover, a larger portrait of your loved one on the back will mean more work on the part of the artist and that will translate to a higher cost. But you can always compare the cost among the locally available tattooists to ensure you pay less for a high quality and meaningful memorial tattoo.