Mortal Kombat Tattoos That You May Want To Consider

Video game tattoos are increasingly becoming a popular choice among game lovers across the world. I guess most of us miss those good old days when all you could think about was how to beat the computer game and definitely how to win the next level. This is the reason that Mortal Kombat Tattoos are extremely popular this year.

There can be a myriad video games you can remember but Mortal kombat might have been one of the most played games in 1990’s. It’s pretty clear if you ever played this game then you can’t afford to forget it. That’s why you need to join some gaming nerds in commemorating their childhood years by putting a Mortal Kombat tattoo on your body.

Who Are Mortal Kombat Tattoos Meant For?

As much as Kombat tattoos feature in the list of the geekiest tattoo designs in the market, up there with batman tattoos they don’t really have that deeper meaning. It’s just that they’re loved by most gamers because they bring personal memories to life. However, anybody can just put on the tattoo so long as it looks great on the body and has the right meaning in it.

The tattoos can be great for a fair skin complexion hence you can feel free to put one on any part of the body. If you’ve never tried any video game tattoo design, then the Mortal Kombat should be an inspiration for your next tattoo.

Are There Mortal Kombat 3D Designs?

If you have really played Mortal Kombat and understand all the characters and scenes in the game, then you’re likely to have variety of choice on what you want drawn on your body. Current tattoo artists can draw 2 dimensional as well as 3D tattoos. 2D tattoos are simple but can give you the very image you want drawn on you.

On the other hand, 3D tattoos appear more realistic but that’s only after some shading and detailing of a 2D tattoo is done. So whatever type of tattoo you fancy, the best tattoo artists in town can just deliver the best art that will get you satisfied.

Which Parts Of The Body Are Ideal For Drawing A Mortal Kombat Tattoo?

Tastes and preferences vary from one person to another and so is the case when it comes to choice of combat tattoo designs and where they should be drawn. However, most people prefer drawing characters on the arm because that’s where it can be conspicuous and real. You can choose to have a Mortal Kombat tattoo drawn on your entire back, thigh or chest so long as it’s perfectly finished. In addition to that, the choice is yours to make regarding the size of the tattoo you want and the ideal colors that will make it look great.  Here are some great suggestions for attractive places to get a tattoo, if that is what you are looking for.

Cost of Drawing Mortal Kombat Tattoos

The cost of drawing gamer tattoos is almost the same but the major determinants are the size of tattoos and the detailing required. For instance, a 3D Mortal Kombat tattoo covering an entire arm can be more costly than a simple 2D tattoo only covering one side of the chest. But all the same, prices can vary from one tattoo artist to another, and so carrying out an extensive comparison might be necessary.

Finding an experienced tattoo artist drawing at the lowest prices cannot only guarantee you of a high quality tattoo, but will also go a long way in saving you money. And for you to be guaranteed of quality tattoo, be sure to visit only the most reputable tattoo artists in your area.

Mortal Kombat Tattoo Design Ideas

Mortal Kombat games were not only massively popular for their gore and violence, but they were also famous for the finishing moves which drew inspirations to the fans of the franchise. Currently, there are plenty of Mortal Kombat tattoo designs that can look great on your body if you’re a game nerd. You can choose from the simplest designs to the most complex ones.

If you have no idea of how characters and scenes of the video game look like, then you should watch the Mortal Kombat movie, which were released in 1995 and 1997. There are also cartoon series and comic books that can give you a better insight of the entire game. Are you split for choice on which tattoo can best fit your body? Then consulting a tattoo artist near can help give choose the perfect tattoo that will take you to the good old days.