Music Tattoos

Love music chest tattoo
If music is your thing, then this great design might look good on you.

Music. Music is a universal language. It can bring memories back to life. The good times and bad times in your life. It can make you feel a certain way and the tunes can brighten up even the worst of days.

Sometimes it’s strange that music can be so influential and so impactful in all of our lives. The origin of music tattoos isn’t very well documented. There isn’t much in the history books and for the most parts these tattoos remain a mystery as to where they came from.

Types of Music Tattoos

Music note tattoos can be very symbolic. Often times they have actual music symbols incorporated in them and some people prefer to write lyrics of their favorite songs. Old microphone tattoos can be seen on people that have vast knowledge on the history of music.

A lot of musicians and even music DJ’s can be seen with these tattoos inked on some part of their body. Tattoos of speakers are more prevalent with Hip Hop lovers and the people that enjoy bumping beats. This isn’t a general generalization of people that get this tattoo it just seems to me more common among this group of people.

Music tattoos just aren’t limited to notes, lyrics and speakers/microphones. They can go as far as getting any type of instrument that you find impactful on your life. Maybe it’s an instrument that you’ve played your entire life or it could even be an instrument that you’ve always enjoyed listening to. It could range from guitar to drums or even the trumpet.

Personally I’m a giant fan of the trumpet and whenever it’s incorporated just right into songs, it gives a certain edge to them that’s hard to beat. You could even get a tattoo of your favorite band or even a portrait of your favorite singer. I can’t say that I’d recommend doing that but their are people that are so passionate about music and even certain groups that they go to those extents. It’s not a bad thing at all. Some people don’t have that much passion for anything in their lives or they just haven’t found it yet.

There isn’t a certain placement on your body where music notes or tattoos fit best. They can be placed pretty much anywhere. I’ve always liked showing them off. I mean if you’re going to get them why not flaunt them.

Of course not everyone has that type of mentality but for me it’s a no brainer. I like showing what I’m proud of and the different things that have helped me out from day to day in my life. Music is one of those things. Getting a music symbol and lyrics is something that I’ve done. It seems that more often than not a song will come on, during a bad day and completely turn everything around. Music tattoos…are probably the best that you can get.

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